Mercury Issues: Lowered IQ, Poor Neurodevelopment, Altered Thyroid Hormones in Pregnancy and Autoimmunity Issues

mercury fishesStudies are pouring in showing the dangers of mercury exposure to brain development and the immune system of the unborn child.  Pregnant moms, and anyone thinking of being pregnant some day, it has never been more cleare that you should minimize mercury exposure.  The greatest exposure is from the multi-dose flu vaccine that injects 25 micrograms of mercury directly into the body.  I don’t agree with flu shots during pregnancy for other reasons (triggers an immune response and that can be associated with increased autism) but if you do get a flu shot, at least make absolutely sure it is the single dose, mercury-free version of the flu shot. The other major sources of mercury exposure are dental “silver” amalgams (50% mercury) and eating fish (especially large fish).  Don’t get silver fillings ever and don’t take the ones you have out while you might be pregnant.

The study “Relation of Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure from Environmental Sources to Childhood IQ,” (you can read it here… ) found that children whose moms had cord blood mercury levels ≥ 7.5 μg/L, that indicate the extent of moms exposure, were four times as likely to have an IQ score below 80. The study points out that this level of exposure is already found in some children born in the USA.

In another study “Placental DNA Methylation Related to Both Infant Toenail Mercury and Adverse Neurobehavioral Outcomes,” (you can read this study here… ) prenatal mercury exposure was found to decrease methylation (a key metabolic pathway important for neurotransmitter function and getting rid of toxins) resulting in delayed neurodevelopment.  The study identified specific loci residing in the EMID2 gene that were hypomethylated as a probable mechanism for the neurotoxicity.

We know that normal thyroid function is vital for normal brain development.  In the study “Synergism between exposure to mercury and use of iodine supplements on thyroid hormones in pregnant women,” (read more here… ) they found that there was an inverse relationship between maternal mercury exposure and total triiodothyronine.

The study “Mercury Exposure and Antinuclear Antibodies among Females of Reproductive Age in the United States: NHANES,” (found here… ) showed that methyl mercury, at low levels generally considered safe, was associated with sub-clinical auto immunity among reproductive-age females.

It is fortunate that most of the vaccines no longer have mercury.  It is tragic that more and more aluminum is being injected into infants with vaccines and that the Tdap, with it’s large dose of aluminum, is being injected into pregnant moms.  Will we need to wait more than a decade before the studies are done on the safety of injecting aluminum into pregnant women?  We still don’t have any studies on pregnant primates or pregnant anything!


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