Diabetes Genetics- It’s the Environment KISS (SNP’s that study found)

DiabetesIf you follow my blogs on genetics, by now you may know that when you hear “genetic” and they are talking about SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) you should in your mind think “environment caused”.  That’s my KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) tip.  Sadly most of us (I thought this way for the longest time) think that the news about a new discovery of a genetic link meant that I was hard-wired genetically to have this or that medical problem.  Nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to SNP’s.  SNP’s may put you at higher risk for this and that, but only if you are exposed to either nutrient deficiencies or particular environmental stresses or toxins.

If you like technical details continue to read and follow the links to these articles, however know this: you are in control of your health destiny.   It matters greatly that you minimize toxins in your body and your environment.  Those most damaging to our health appear to be the pesticides and herbicides (makes sense, they were designed to kill other forms of life), plastics and flame retardants, and heavy metals, especially if they are injected into your body (think aluminum in vaccines for example).  For many, in the US at least, it seems gluten and dairy have become immune stimuli and may be triggers to autoimmune problems. You can read my earlier blog on this here…

In the article in the journal Nature Genetics titled, “Fine mapping of type 1 diabetes susceptibility loci and evidence for colocalization of causal variants with lymphoid gene enhancers”, (which you can read here… )  they point out that 50 SNP’s have already been identified with risk for Type-1 Diabetes (T1D) and they point out that many of these put you at risk for other  immune disorders.  They share 4 new SNP’s that are most closely associated with T1D.

A previous article, “Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis of Human Pancreatic Islets from Type-2 Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Donors Identifies Candidate Genes That Influence Insulin Secretion,” (you can find the article here… ) identified 1,649 CpG sites and 853 genes with differential DNA methylation in Type-2 Diabetes (T2D) islets, including known diabetes loci TCF7L2, FTO and KCNQ1.  They added CDKN1A, PDE7B, SEPT9 and EXOC3L2.  They showed that altered DNA methylation in human islets contributes to the development of T2D.

Remember to control what you can:

  • Eat organic if at all possible
  • Drink charcoal filtered water (with reverse osmosis if possible)
  • Vaccinate intelligently
  • Get tested for gluten and dairy sensitivity (IgG) or just avoid gluten and dairy
  • Minimize your environmental toxins (plastics, flame retardants, etc.)
  • Minimize stress in your life (stress is a toxin to the immune system).



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