Thanks Oregonians, for Medical Freedom- SB442 in trouble (as it should be)

No on SB-442March 9th, 2015 marked the Freedom Rally in Salem to support medical freedom and our freedom to choose whether a medical procedure like a vaccine is done to us or our child after we get informed consent.  The Senate Bill 442 would remove your access to school or child care unless your child got all vaccines regardless of your family risk factors, your personal desires, your religious beliefs, or your knowledge and understanding about what makes sense for your child.

Across the USA, similar bills are being introduced on the unsuspecting public.

Thanks to all who prayed for those of us in Salem at this Freedom Rally.  Thanks to all who attended.  Thanks to NW Navigator Buses ( who provided discounted transportation to the event.  Thanks to the organization  and all who put great effort in time, money, and personal sacrifice to support the cause of FREEDOM.

One big misconception and misquoted fact is that Oregon has the highest rate of unvaccinated kids in the country.  That statistic is because in Oregon, if you don’t do one of the mandated vaccines, you are considered unvaccinated by the State.  In my practice, we have over 95% vaccinated, but less than 10% fully vaccinated at age 2 when most of the data is collected in Oregon.  You see, there is no reason to poison an infant with the Hepatitis B vaccine when their mother does not have Hepatitis B.  These uninfected children pose no risk (ZERO RISK) to others.  You catch Hepatitis B from sex and IV drug use, and yet ignorant senators, doctors and people in general, keep saying that these unvaccinated children are putting others at risk!  That is total non-sense.  Little children don’t have sex, don’t share dirty needles, and if they did, why not get your child vaccinated if you are so worried about it.

You will hear that we must get everyone vaccinated to protect those who cannot get the vaccines or who are immunosuppressed, like the cancer child on chemotherapy.  My response to that is this: is that unvaccinated child or cancer child going to have unprotected sex or share needles.  If so, then they put themselves at risk.  My child who does not have Hepatitis B, and who has all the other vaccines, poses no risk (ZERO RISK) to your child.

KGW was there and here is their segment in the news.

Dr. Paul


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