FREEDOM RALLY- Today, March 9th, Salem OR 1-2:30 pm

No on SB-442On this 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march on Selma, we celebrate freedom for Oregonians at a FREEDOM RALLY today, March 9th on the capitol steps in Salem from 1 to 2:30 pm.


Join Dr. Paul, and the Oregonians for Freedom, to get the word out that we support:

  • Vaccines with informed consent
  • Medical freedom (to chose what procedures are done to our bodies)
  • Personal freedom
  • Civil liberty
  • Religious and philosophical exemptions


Opposing Senate bill 442 matters.  Join us today in person or in spirit.

There is still room on our busses that are taking us to the rally. If you would like to ride down with us (totally free of charge) please be at the parking lot by 11:15am!


Want to get involved? Click here…



Dr. Paul



  • The rally was awesome! Thank you so much for all you did to make it successful, Dr. Paul. I can’t wait to see what the news reports. BTW, I called my son after we got off the bus and you are their family pediatrician! When I took Conor in to your clinic, you weren’t available so he saw one of your associates. It’s a small world.

  • I had no idea of the historic significance of this date. Thank you for the reminder. Very apropos. Thank you for being there, for what you said, for leading us and walking with us. You are a hero, Dr. Paul.

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