Fight for Medical Freedom- SB442 – In the News, Senator Robert Kennedy Jr

No on SB-442First amendment rights- Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion- are on the chopping block with Senate Bill 442 in Oregon and many other bills around the country.

Senator Robert Kennedy Jr. paid a visit to Salem to discuss the importance of defeating this bill with Oregon Senators.  This bill should be defeated across party lines.  Never in our history has our personal and medical freedom been so openly threatened.  While it speaks of vaccines, this bill should frighten all who are for or against vaccines and all of us in the middle who want to vaccinate, but do so in a logical and common sense way that not only protects our children but also protects society (Herd immunity).


See the links below:


KOIN: RFK Jr. lobbies over Oregon vaccine bill

KGW: Senator Robert Kennedy Jr. warns of dangers in some vaccines

Statesman Journal: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Oregon lawmakers: Reject vaccine bill


Dr. Paul


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  • Yes: as RFK, Jr. said in his Q&A after the screening, “This is not a partisan topic. There are no Democratic children or Republican children. There are only children.” And, he said, no one knows best what is right for their child than the parent (together with an awesome health care professional, of course, Dr. Paul!)

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