Join Dr. Thomas as He Fights to Preserve Your Right to An Alternative Vaccination Schedule

No on SB-442Want to help Dr Paul preserve your rights to an alternative vaccine schedule in Oregon?

SB442-3 would take away informed consent when it comes to vaccines.  You do them all or you cannot go to daycare or school.  The medical exemption will likely have to run through a State appointed doctor – That’s what happens in Mississippi – one of two states that already passed a similar bill.

This bill will mandate the poisoning of every newborn and infant with the aluminum in Hep B when 99% don’t need it.  To mandate a medical procedure is just insane.  Many of our peers are falling into line with the drug companies that engineered this roll out to occur in several states simultaneously in response to the “epidemic” of measles –  wow.  Remember – no deaths in US for a decade and one case of measles in Oregon from which no-one else caught measles.

So we are taking the fight to Salem on Monday, March 9th. A rally will be held on the steps of the state capitol from 1-3pm. We have secured buses to help transport as many parents to the rally as possible. The bus rides will be free to you.

WHAT:      Rally in Salem at State Capitol 


WHEN:      Monday March 9th 1-3 pm.  Buses leave at 11:30 am.  We load starting at 11am. Buses will be at the old Santorini’s restaurant (closed now) a block east of our office


WHERE:    Park your car and catch buses at the large lot just East of our office on Barnes Rd 1 block west of Cedar Hills Boulevard. Buses will be at the old Santorini’s  restaurant (closed, no name – used to have a horse in front). The building address is 11525 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225.


WHY:        Senate bill 442 aims to remove your parent rights to informed consent and remove the religious and the philosophical exemption options.  All kids will need all vaccines to attend daycare or school.  This is not for Oregon and not for our Integrative Pediatrics children.  We vaccinate and we are pro-vaccine  but we are also all about informed consent and vaccinating wisely.


Please call our office 503-643-2100 by this coming Thursday (March 5th) and tell us how many seats you need to reserve your spot on the bus! We encourage you to bring your extended family, relatives, and friends. We need the numbers!


Remember to get involved:

Visit the No on SB 442 website here…

Call today to reserve your spot on the buses heading to next Monday’s rally in Salem.

Call 503-643-2100

Please bring family, friends, and neighbors- let’s fill these buses! Remember, the bus ride is free, and so is your voice! Let our senators know that Oregonians value their freedom to make health related decisions for their children.

Please follow my blogs and YouTubevideos these next few weeks.  I will have a lot to share on this issue.

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  • Dear Dr. Thomas,

    First of all I want to thank you for standing up for Freedom. I appreciate your videos and I know you believe in vaccines to an extent, but I’m thankful to hear that you believe in informed consent as well. We all have differing views about vaccines, but medical risk taking should never be forced on anyone. Thank you for standing up and voicing your concerns.

    My husband and I are very concerned about SB 442 for a number of reasons. I’m concerned for myself and my family, my friends and the people of Oregon. I’m concerned for people who have very valid medical reasons for not vaccinating and I’m very concerned for people who hold both religious and philosophical beliefs in regard to vaccines. This bill affects everyone from new mothers and fathers to seasoned parents with kids in high school.

    My oldest son had a bad reaction to vaccines when he was 2-months old, so we no longer believe in vaccines. I’m shocked that politicians in Oregon would even propose such a horrific bill!! Are people being paid to push a fascist bill that threatens our rights and the health of children?? Oregon would essentially be in a state of emergency if this bill passes. People will very upset and they will start pulling their children out of school statewide.

    Forcing parents into vaccinating is wrong!

    Do these senators really know anything about the people of Oregon and WHY most of us choose Not to vaccinate?? Obviously, not.. The bill does Not represent the people of Oregon. Representatives of the state should respect the values and core beliefs of the people in Oregon as a whole. This bill is unethical and the mandates in this bill are unimaginable for anyone in America, especially Oregonians. The people of Oregon are generally very liberal, but conservative as well. We feel that people should have the Freedom to make choices about their health! Vaccines are far from perfect and they should NEVER be forced on people. Many Oregonians have core values about natural health, alternative medicine and the environment.

    People in Oregon have strong values and reasons for not doing certain things. The majority of parents in the state do not circumcise their boys. Are we going to be forced to circumcise our sons next?

    There are millions of Oregonians who have philosophical values in regard to vaccines, but there are also many who do not vaccinate because of their religious beliefs. SB 442 attacks religious freedom as well. There are Jewish people and many others who don’t vaccinate because the vaccines are not Kosher. As you probably already know, some vaccines are made with aborted fetal tissue or swine blood material. Jews and many others feel like eating swine is an abomination, so of course they wouldn’t inject that into their babies. I know there are liberal Jews, but many of them don’t believe in vaccination. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of Jews, Christians and people in other religious groups are against vaccinations.

    I guess we will be forced into home schooling our children, if the bill passes. I’m not really equipped to homeschool, but I can learn very quickly because I won’t inject my kids with toxic vaccines.

    Tomorrow is going to be a very sad day in the history of Oregon, if this bill passes.


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