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No on SB-442As a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) I am disturbed and deeply troubled by the misleading and fear-mongering article, “As measles cases spread state legislatures respond,” recently published in AAP News, February 27th 2015 and can be read here…

This article states there are 154 active cases “as of this writing”, and mentions the measles outbreak in California, and then tries to make a link between these and non-medical exemptions to school entry immunization requirements.  In the entire year 2014, we had 644 cases of measles with about half in an unvaccinated Amish community.  Excluding those in the Amish community, that is a rate of 1/million in this country. Given the population of California, the rate there, in the worse ‘outbreak” in over a decade, is one in half a million.  This is hardly an epidemic and no-one has died in the past decade in the entire country.

What troubles me most is the tone of this article.  They link to a poll “conducted by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital that  found similar sentiment among parents in support of child care policies requiring immunization, and that parents should be informed when children at their child care center are not up-to-date on vaccines” You can read this here…  Then they make the statement that “Newspaper opinion pages across the country have also called on state policymakers to repeal or restrict non medical exemptions”.

To suggest that under vaccinated children in a daycare are so dangerous to their supposedly vaccinated peers that the parents of these peers should be given private medical information is such an enormous violation of ethics and our right to personal medical information and medical freedom that I wonder if my beloved academy of pediatrics has been completely taken over by big Pharma.

This article goes on with the fear mongering, stating, “The year prior to the 2011 measles outbreak, 10 infants died from an outbreak of pertussis in California”. This is tragic and we know that the USA is currently averaging 18 infant deaths a year out of the 4 million births. Basically all of these infants who die are catching pertussis before age 3 months so this has nothing to do with the infant vaccine schedule and has more to do with the failure of the vaccine to provide lasting immunity and the lack of immunity in the adolescents and adults in the community.

I wonder how the adults in our country will take to being mandated to get numerous vaccines and have their employer and fellow employees know their vaccine status. And while we are at it, why not share all their health data for the safety of the work place?

The fact that state legislators and so many doctors (my peers) are jumping on this idea of mandating medical care without informed consent is simply shocking to me.  This will be the end of the doctor-patient relationship and I see the time approaching very fast when consumers of health care will avoid pediatricians and family practice doctors at all costs.

In my State of Oregon, we have had one case of measles this year and no-one caught measles from that case (we are way past the 21 day incubation period). A physician senator has brought a bill (SB442) to completely eliminate the religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccines.  Her opening testimony on this bill sited measles epidemics, how vaccines are safe and proven, and she spent several minutes of opening testimony (that I was not given for my testimony) explaining why she had no ties to Pharma.

AAP, you have lost your vision and sold out to big Pharma.  Vaccines are wonderful for most children, safe for most children, and should be given to most children, but on a different schedule than the CDC schedule.  There is absolutely no justification for injecting 250 micrograms of aluminum into a newborn with the Hepatitis B vaccine when that newborn’s mother does not have Hepatitis B.  That is mandated poisoning of that infant for no benefit to the infant or to society as the Hepatitis B series is not giving lasting immunity when given to infants.

This AAP new release states “proposed state legislation that would have expanded non medical exemptions in Mississippi, Montana, and West Virginia have been abandoned for the year. These bills were vigorously opposed by AAP chapters in these states. These important advocacy victories are part of a track record of success — no state has enacted a law to broaden non medical exemptions in over 12 years”.

It is a sad day when the organization that should represent children’s rights to safe and personal medical care has abandoned our professions role in providing informed consent and joined the vaccine companies in their quest to force immunize as many as they can, with no accountability to provide safe vaccines as they have no liability.

In Oregon, where our vaccine rates exceed 2020 target goals, and we have had just one case of measles, it was that very measles “epidemic” being used to justify SB442 that will completely eliminate both the medical and the philosophical exemption.  This will have the effect of driving more and more children out of mainstream society as they will be excluded from day care and school and will stay away from doctors for fear of being forced to vaccinate.

The closing paragraph states, “Pediatricians can play an essential role in this public discussion by lending a calm, scientifically sound, evidence-based perspective on the safety and efficacy of routine childhood immunizations. They can also help parents, legislators, and the public at large to find reliable information about immunizations from credible sources”, and simply sounds so wonderful. Oh, if it were only true that you want credible sources of scientific studies.  Too often has the AAP touted science while working to deny the massive data that already exists in scientifically reputable peer reviewed journals that shows problems with vaccines, harm done by vaccines.

The greatest tragedy,  has to do with fraud in our own publication “Pediatrics”.   If politics and money were not involved, then as soon as it became apparent that the Pediatrics 2004 article that showed no link between MMR and autism was based on data manipulation, as we now know it did (CDC whistle-blower Thompson who lead us to the real data that actually showed a 300% increase in autism in African American boys from that study (which can be found here… ) the article should have been retracted and a call made for more research.

Instead, within about a month, the study with the real data, was retracted!  Anyone want to guess why?  Money and politics is the only explanation.  You see, science is about inquiry and discovery.  We cannot have real science when anything that goes against what you want to show (that vaccines are safe) is either not published, not studied, or vigorously opposed or retracted when it does reach publication.

Those of us who work with enough newborns to see enough autism, know that there is something going on with toxins and in many cases vaccines.  Try to get this studied.  The local institutions of learning get much of their funding from Pharma. The medical academies and associations get much of their funding from Pharma.  The CDC seems to be in bed with Pharma, and our elected officials owe much of their campaigning budget (directly or indirectly) to Pharma.  Self preservation is such that most researchers who need to feed their families (we all do) won’t touch anything that might link vaccines to autism or health issues.

Where are those who will stand up for the children?

I am pro vaccine.

I am pro safe vaccines.

I am pro logical, science based vaccine programs.

I am pro medical freedom and informed consent.

We cannot give up our rights to make health care decisions and allow the state to mandate medical procedures without informed consent.

I ask you to join the campaign of common sense:

No on SB442



Dr. Paul



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