Letter to Oregon Senator on SB442: Forced Vaccination of Oregon children, Abolishing Informed Consent & Declaration of a State of Emergency in Oregon Due to One Case of Measles

No on SB-442Dear Senator Shields,

As I testified last Wednesday, I simply cannot imagine how to practice medicine and educate parents about vaccines without the informed consent process.  A medical procedure must include informed consent that involves giving the risks and the benefits and the alternatives to the procedure and doing nothing or not doing the procedure always needs to be an option regardless of whether or not you the doctor think it is the best option.

As a Pediatrician in Portland for the past 26 years with likely the fastest growing practice starting with 1000 patients in 2008 to 11,000 patients in the past 6 years and now about 500 newborns a year, I speak for a growing number of our parents when I say that they will not under any circumstance agree to inject 250 micrograms of aluminum into their newborn with the Hepatitis B shot, when mom does not have Hepatitis B. That would be the deliberate and knowing poisoning of their newborn where there is absolutely no benefit, and yet it is one of the mandated vaccines that will be forced on babies if SB442 passes.

I think my experience with parents is worth sharing.  Educated and informed parents learn about the risks and the benefits of vaccines.  Most don’t understand why their newborn would be forced to get the Hepatitis B vaccine day one, when they already know that mom is Hepatitis B negative and often immune, having had the vaccines herself. The sad truth, lost in the sound bite debate we see in the press and even the courts and between doctors, is that in my practice it is the parents who are better informed than most of my peers.

Due to my scientific and logical approach, I get most of the paranoid, scared, non-vaccinators, and well educated parents coming to me for care.  I’m able to get most to do those vaccines that are most important, often when they had no intentions of vaccinating. Most of these families will go underground if forced to get vaccines.  I wouldn’t go to a doctor if I thought I might be forced to get a toxic injection I didn’t need.

We can promote better public health by educating our citizens on the risks and the benefits.  I can assure you if we have several cases of measles in the Portland area, almost every parent in my practice who had a child that was not yet immune (vaccinated) would be coming in for the MMR vaccine.  The system we have works. If there was a case of measles in a school, our public health officials already can swoop in and exclude every child not fully vaccinated or having proof of measles immunity.


SB442-3 will not make us safer, it will simply push more people away from pediatricians, and will start the undoing of our vaccine policies as we know them today.  As the facts reach more and more people, we will have greater and greater numbers refusing all vaccines.

When informed consent, is part of the equation, then doctors and pediatricians like myself have the opportunity to educate.  We may not always agree on which information to share with patients, but at least we are able to have the process of education on risks, benefits, and alternatives. Without that, we simply have state mandated medical procedures being performed on citizens potentially against their will.  I cannot imagine how badly that will go.

I am willing to share with you in depth the medical studies that show dangers of injecting aluminum to babies for example.  I am willing to discuss this personally with you if you wish. As one of the few pediatricians who is pro-vaccine but not in favor of the CDC schedule as it is today (mostly because of the Hepatitis B- newborn issue) I am often misquoted as being anti-vaccine.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  I am in favor of informed consent, logical personal health choices that use your family history and personal genetics to make the best decision for your family and your child’s health.

The designation of Oregon as being in a state of emergency on passage of SB442 is a grave error.  First, there is no emergency and secondly nothing good comes from giving someone emergency powers when there isn’t an emergency.  We have had one case of measles linked to the California cases.  Not one person caught measles from that man.  In recent years we had a case go through the Portland airport, no one got measles form that case.  We had a case where the infected person attended multiple tennis venues in the Portland area.  Not a single case resulted from that one.  Measles in Oregon is less than 1/million.  The death rate if you catch measles is 1/1000 to 1/2000.  Thus I cannot see the emergency.  Not a single death in the USA in a decade.

I hope you will vote no on SB442. This bill will be the beginning of the end for personal health freedoms, but what I fear the most is that those politicians who side with this bill, will lose credibility.  I am aware of your fine track record of common sense and upholding the freedoms of our citizens. This should be a non-partisan issue.  I suspect we are very similar in most of our beliefs based on your past track record. I see the assault on medical freedom and the informed consent process reaching the proportions of MLK and civil rights.  I hope we get it right from the start.  I have never been political, but this challenge to our children’s health and freedom I cannot ignore.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please vote no on SB442-3


Dr. Paul



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  • Kim

    Thank you! Please continue to fight for our rights! I have two children 8 and 10 years old. My 10 year old was vaccinated on schedule. My 8 year old began the CDC schedule but suffered severe reactions at 2 months and 6 months. After the reaction at six months he lost all skills including making eye contact, babbling, and turning to his name. He showed early markers for Autism. We chose to stop vaccinating him and turned to biomedical intervention and behavior therapy. He was fully recovered by 3 years old, and is a thriving 8 year old with no signs of autism or other disability! He is currently in public school on religious exemption, if this right is taken away we will have to pull him out of school! It is extremely difficult to get a medical exemption and in the past we were told they would only exempt him from the DTAP even though he got multiple shots at the same time.

    It is horrifying to think we will be put in a position where we cannot decide what is best for our child! Do people know that vaccine reactions do happen, that we have reasons to believe what we do? I talked to a reporter today who had no idea what the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) was. Both of my sons reactions were submitted to VAERS.

    Please continue to fight for our rights and I encourage everyone to join you!

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