How to Get Involved and Stop Oregon Senate Bill 442 That Will Remove Parents Rights to Informed Consent and Remove the Religious and Philosophical Exemptions for Vaccines

No on SB-442Oregonians, and indeed all US citizens who will likely face similar attempts to mandate vaccines State by State, there is clearly an attempt by the CDC and the Academy of Pediatrics (read “As Measles Cases Spread, State Legislatures Respond” here… ) to mandate vaccines and remove parents rights to informed consent, to medical freedom, to choose what medical procedures are done on their children, and to exercise their rights to refuse vaccines if they feel that is best for their child. In Oregon, we have Senate bill SB442 that will do just that; forced vaccination to attend day care or school, and it may even affect home schooling!

As a physician and pediatrician, nothing is more horrifying than the thought that we would be mandating the injection of aluminum into children who don’t need it, for a vaccine that doesn’t work.  This is what would be happening regarding the Hepatitis B vaccination of newborns and infants, being done regardless of the fact that over 99% of moms in Oregon and the USA do not have Hepatitis B and thus those infants are not at risk. That vaccine is not providing lasting immunity, so when these kids are teens and might be sexually active and at risk, they won’t have the protection.  Add to that we have studies showing increased autism with boys getting the Hepatitis B as infants; you might be wondering why the government wants to mandate this vaccine?

I wonder also.  It can only be money and politics and that is not good enough.

Many are asking what can I do?

We must stop SB442. 

To understand the process here in Oregon, here it is:

  1. Bill has a vote in committee on March 9.
  1. If the bill passes out of the Senate Committee, it goes to the Senate floor for a vote. It takes 16 votes to pass/not pass.
    Action alert: We can kill this bill at this stage by getting 16 No votes on the floor!
  1. If the bill passes the senate Floor, it goes to the House where the speaker of the House assigns it to a committee.
  1. The bill then goes through a committee process, similar to the one it is in right now.
    Action Alert: We can kill this bill in the House Committee which prevents it from moving forward.In fact, the house committee could actually just say “yeah, we’re not interested. We’re not even going to vote on this bill. Bye-bye bill.” And it doesn’t go anywhere.
  1. If the bill passes out of the House Committee, it will then have a floor vote. It takes 31 votes to pass/not pass.
    Action Alert: We can kill this bill in the House by getting 31 No votes
  1. If it passes the House and the Senate, then it goes to the Governor who has five days to sign it.

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If you are available, join us on the west steps of the capitol in Salem Monday March 9th at 1 pm. The hearing will be held at 3pm. Let’s show our State and senators that Oregonians will not roll over and stay quiet when you threaten our freedom and right to informed consent when it comes to vaccines.


Say No to Mandated Medical Procedures


Say yes to vaccines, but only if parents can give informed consent and we preserve the right of refusal for religious or philosophical reasons.


Dr. Paul




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