Getting Involved in the No On SB442 Campaign

No on SB-442I typically stay out of politics.  My role as your pediatrician is to provide you with the best medical care and information available and help you navigate the difficult decisions of when to give which  vaccines, when to use antibiotics or not, what tests to do,  and so on.

Oregon Senate bill 442-3 plans to completely remove your rights as parents to get informed consent, and your rights to use a philosophical or religious exemption when it comes to vaccines.  In the complex world of vaccines, I see this as a change we cannot allow to happen.

I will be sending more specific information in days to come about a rally in Salem, and other ways to get involved.  For the moment if you wish to sign up to get more information as it becomes available and potentially to get involved please fill out the form here:


Thanks you for your support.


Dr. Paul




  • Thank you, Dr. Paul for standing up for parental rights and informed consent! It’s insane that this legislation (SB 442-3) will likely make it out of Committee and go before the House and Senate — legislation that aims to strip our rights as parents to say “no” to even one round of one vaccine for our children. If I, as a mother, deem a vaccination against a sexually transmitted disease, to be not in the best interest of my five-year-old (they mandate HepB as young as 18 months, and even give it to newborns in the hospital), they will prevent my child from attending school. This is so, so wrong. And they’re giving it the bum’s rush, calling for immediate implementation if it passes. The whole thing is undemocratic, unAmerican and unOregonian.

  • Thank you for your wonderful support of our children and of our human rights.

  • Ericka S.

    Thank you a million times for seeing this bill for what it really is!

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