Dr. Thomas Weighs in on the Blame Game

BlameGameThe following is a response to Dr Jay Rosenbloom’s guest columnist “Enough with the eye rolling and blame game over measles outbreak (guest column) which can be read here…

I agree with Dr Rosenbloom’s statement “It is my opinion that we, the medical community, should stop the blame game and recognize we have contributed to the decline in confidence by not doing our best at communicating”.  What he fails to recognize is that the loss of confidence is due to what is and is not being communicated.  When you fail to address parent’s concerns by simply stating as he recommends:

“If we were presenting this information to Mr. Spock, from planet Vulcan, he would conclude that the only logical course of action would be to vaccinate everyone”, Dr Rosenbloom clearly is not presenting the disturbing studies on aluminum toxicity:

  • The fact that it is being injected at 10 times the known toxic dose to newborns
  • That 99% of them are not at risk for hepatitis B
  • AND that giving the hepatitis B series to infants is increasing autism and causing developmental delays
  • AND not providing lasting immunity to the late teen years when they most need the protection.

If Dr Rosenbloom means what he says in his title, I wonder why his narrative contains the following statements: “…when a parent has heard vaccines can be harmful, no matter how unreliable the source …”

You see, the problem most of my peers are facing is that they want to selectively quote safety studies and deny those studies that show vaccine side effects or risks. The public is too well-informed these days, and the studies are available. This attitude of “doctor knows best” is exactly what will erode our profession’s credibility.

What we have is a lack of trust.  I don’t trust the advice most of my peers give on vaccines.  They seem not to read any of the studies that make it obvious, we should not be continuing the misguided program of giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to babies of mom’s who do not have Hepatitis B. How do you change the status quo when it needs to be changed?

I say it is changed with information.  It is for that reason I give you the studies showing why the mandating of the Hepatitis B vaccine before teenage years will continue to erode our trust in CDC, AAP, and those doctors and government officials who choose to ignore the data and studies I present below.

Dr Rosenbloom, I hope you will review these studies so you can then make the statement you made “those of us in the medical field know the science, statistics, and the research”.  Apparently there is some knowledge gap for many physicians who stick to sound bites of “vaccines are safe” and to quote Dr Rosenbloom, “We know vaccines don’t cause autism”.  The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report widely quoted as proof there is no link between vaccines and autism or side effects has not a single study included in the references showing aluminum toxicity or side effects.  Clearly if you choose to look only at studies that conclude what you want, that is what you get.   That is not “knowing the science”.

The vaccine-autism link is far from clear.  Those of us who care for large numbers of children who started off normal and regress to autism, know there is likely a link. We need more studies.  One of the most often quoted studies proving no link, the 2004 Pediatrics study, actually had intentionally excluded data that showed a 300% increase in autism in boys who got the MMR before age 3.

I refer you to my testimony at the Oregon senate hearing on SB442 for some of the references. You can see it here…




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