Oregon Senate Bill 442- Dr Paul’s Testimony and More


I urge you to click on this link and if nothing else, review the testimony of Portland attorney Robert Snee (item 25) and the handout I provided (item 30) along with listening to my testimony (item 31  is the transcript). You can watch a video of my testimony addressing this bill here…

What this bill will do, if passed, is remove the philosophical and the religious exemptions for vaccines requiring that only a doctors exemption will count.  The sinister part of the bill is that it also declares Oregon in a state of emergency upon passage.  I can only imagine the nonsense that will occur when someone has state of emergency powers.  It certainly won’t be good for your freedoms.

This is a matter of our freedom to get informed consent before our children are injected with vaccines.  Most of you know that I am not anti-vaccine.  Most of my patients get most of the vaccines. What I am against is the one-size-fits-all CDC program that does not take into consideration your particular risk factors, and in the case of injecting the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns and infants, is just plain insanity unless mom herself has Hepatitis B.  We catch Hepatitis B from sex and IV drug use and the babies in my practice (and your baby for sure) are not doing those risky behaviors.

As I listened to senator after senator and doctors in favor of this bill (who all got unlimited time to testify) say that basically vaccines are safe (a lie) and how horrible the world will become if we don’t pass this bill (totally unnecessary fear mongering) you need to know that I was then told (my group onward) that we had a 3 minute time limit.

As you can see from my handout (item 30) I had enough medical studies to inform them of the absolute mistake this bill will be, but had to cut my testimony to 3 minutes.

I therefore will be putting up YouTube videos in the coming weeks that go over the various studies and expose the lies that are being brought to the public in support of this ridiculous bill. This is not a partisan issue.  This bill attacks our basic medical freedom to choose our own health care and our right to informed consent before a procedure is done to us or our children. Parents, just because it is not you getting that toxic dose (immunization) don’t get lazy on your duty to first protect your child. It is sad that in this case most of my peers are on the wrong side of science and the facts, but they are so you must leave your doctor if that is what it will take to protect your child.

We need to continue vaccinating for population safety, but there is a much safer way to do that and still maintain herd immunity. The CDC and AAP and the Oregon legislature that is pushing SB442-3 have it wrong and we need to let them know loud and clear.

Those of you who are my patients, fear not.  I will find a way to get you a medical exemption if that is what it comes to. It’s the “state of emergency” that I worry about the most.  In that state, I could see them mandating that only selected doctors can grant the medical exemption and I am quit certain those doctors would have no understanding of the personal genetics issues, family history issues, etc,. since they see no link between vaccines and any health problems despite the now hundreds to thousands of articles to the contrary.

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Our founding fathers predicted we would have to fight for our freedom.  The time seems to have arrived for Oregonians.

Stay tuned …


Dr. Paul

(Note- Be sure to watch my YouTube video past the credits at the end for some candid Dr. Paul humor!)


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