How to Make Changes That Last a Lifetime (Health, Normal Weight)

future-visionHave a goal and continually focus on it, making the adjustments needed to achieve that goal.  Let’s say your goal is to have a healthy family and to be healthy yourself maintaining a healthy weight.  OK Dr Paul, why don’t we change the whole world while we are at it!

I get it, that’s a ridiculously difficult task (health and maintaining a good weight)  but is it worth it?  Are you worth it?  Are your kids and family worth it?

I say YES!

The trick is to break down your lofty huge goals into manageable little goals and then just keep after it.  Have you ever tried to go back to walking, running, or working out after you have taken months or years off?  It is tough and you have to start really slow.

Get Started.

Maybe you walk for 10-15 minutes once or twice a week.  When that gets easy, increase the duration and then how often you do it.

If you need to change your diet, perhaps you start with getting rid of bread, or you stop buying snacks in bags and boxes and focus on fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you get a water filter and start buying organic produce.

Know your WHY.

Having a reason that really excites you or motivates you will be the key.  Change is hard and watching TV sure seems easier than getting out the door to walk or jog.

Eating junk, sweets, and fast food sure tastes better and is easier than planning your meals. You need to have a vision for yourself and your family that gets you excited. Maybe you want to look better in a swim suit or for a reunion or wedding, or maybe you are just motivated by the knowledge that you are helping your family be the best they can be.

Lead by example.

If you are a parent or spouse, remember that you will have the greatest impact on those you love by setting out and leading by example.  Even if they won’t get moving, or eat right, you do it first.  When they see you are committed and serious, they may join you.  If they don’t, at least make if difficult for them to eat poorly by only bringing healthy choices into the home.


Build in some rewards

Often the rewards are natural.  As you lose weight or eat healthy, you start to feel better and have more energy. But this can take time, months for sure, so you may want to allow once a month dinner out and a movie or pick some reward that you would find special and do that for yourself and your family who are joining in on the new way of living.


Dr. Paul


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