Parents Rights to Choice in Vaccines Threatened Around the Country and in Oregon SB442-3 Amendment

vaccineI attended and testified at the Oregon Senate hearing on SB442 on February 18th 2015. The physician, and sponsoring senator, opened with the longest explanation of why she did not have ties to big Pharma or Merck that I was left wondering what was behind that? I then heard the hand picked physicians who were in favor of this bill and were given unlimited time to testify the same old mantra: vaccines are safe, they save lives and we are in a dangerous situation with measles that used to kill hundreds of thousands and so on.

My first response was anger and outrage.  Surely these intelligent well meaning doctors knew that vaccines have also caused tremendous harm and that the risks and benefits must be weighed.  Surely these doctors didn’t want to remove the informed consent process where a medical procedure that has benefits, risks, and alternatives is explained to the patient and the patient gets to choose.  I was wrong.  This bill intends not only to totally remove the philosophical and religious exemptions, but will put into state law mandates that all children, regardless of their family histories or risk factors, get the full set of recommended vaccines.  The only exceptions will have to come from medical exemptions and to make matters worse, they plan to select which medical providers will be certified to give those exemptions!

I heard the OHSU infectious disease doctor share of her near death of a cancer patient who caught chicken pox at school and that OHSU was in favor of this bill.  I wondered how intelligent physicians could be in favor of completely destroying patient’s rights and I can only say that they are so isolated in their experiences of the vaccine side effects that they only see and imagine the benefits.  I know these are not evil people.  I remember early in my career thinking that since the CDC or the AAP said it was the right thing to do then it must be.  Weren’t they the experts on vaccines?  What has become painfully clear is that these so called experts are too far removed from what is actually happening as a result of their vaccine policies.

Most pediatricians average 1-3 babies a months (12-36 babies a year) and at that rate they will see one severe autism case every few years.  If you see as many newborns as I do, over 500 a year now, then the going autism rate of 1 in 50 would equal 20 new cases and probably 5 severe autism cases. These family practice doctors testifying see even fewer babies than the pediatricians, or none at all, so they have no real appreciation for the negative side of vaccines.

Sadly, all I heard from those in favor of taking away parents rights was the usual misguided sound bites we all hear in the media and from uninformed parents and legislators.  Vaccines are safe, vaccines safe lives, and then the denigration of anyone who disagrees.  There was no science presented, just opinions and they are, sadly, uninformed or misinformed.

For all the fear mongering about measles, there has not been a single death in the USA for 10 years.  There will be one, and then another.  The death rate from measles is about 1 in 1000.  Remove the cases that occurred in an unvaccinated Amish community and the 644 cases of measles in 2014 become more like 300 cases out of the 300 million US residents, for a rate of 1in 1 million.  Now compare that to the autism rate of 1 in 50 which means out of our 4 million births each year, we are creating 80,000 new autism cases.

The poisoning of our newborns and infants with the 250 micrograms of aluminum that comes with the Hepatitis B dose (required vaccine) that will be mandated if this law passes is just not mentioned.  When OHSU and these doctors state that they are for SB442 and the dash 3 amendment, all I hear is we are in favor of poisoning newborns for absolutely no reason.

You see we catch Hepatitis B from sex and IV drug use.  Your child with leukemia or other immuno-compromised conditions is not at risk from a child without a Hepatitis B vaccination unless your child has sex with that child (and even then that assumes that person had Hepatitis B – less than 1% of US teens or moms have Hepatitis B.) I presented countless studies that show the Hepatitis B infant vaccine series is associated with increased autism, delayed neurodevelopment, and it damages the immune system. To make matters worse, the vaccine when given to infants doesn’t provide lasting immunity, so it not only directly poisons each of these babies but it sets them up to not be protected when they need that protection as late teens or young adults.

If this bill passes, that means the government has declared all out war on your family.  In a war, there will be casualties, but I would hope that you make certain your child is not one of them.  Informed parents do not poison their children for a vaccine that is not needed. Less than 1% of moms (those with hepatitis B) need to have their newborns vaccinated.

Sadly, we are reaching a time when informed parents may know much more than their doctors. You may be accused of believing anything you read on the Internet. In reality, doctors need to quit believing everything they read in their throw-away journals sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies.  We now have countless studies, the real science, showing harm from vaccines and making it crystal clear that no newborn should get the Hepatitis B unless their mom has Hepatitis B.  Yet the brand new 2015 vaccine recommended schedule for children still requires this vaccine.  These doctors who would likely be the ones allowed to give you an exemption, either don’t know the science, don’t care, or have such huge conflicts of interest that they cannot see the data right in front of their faces.

Sadly, senate bill 442 and the dash 3 amendment to remove all parents rights to informed consent and the right to a religious or philosophical exemption to vaccines will destroy our trust in our elected officials and in the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).  Parents who are informed will not allow their children to be needlessly poisoned (yes most of us get most of the vaccines – just on a more logical and sensible schedule).  Because autism is still somewhat rare (1:50) and ADHD (1:10 boys) and other brain disorders like anxiety and depression, learning and language issues etc., are still rare, we will continue to have those parents who were lucky enough to have a genetic make-up that allows their infants to get rid of enough of that aluminum so as not to significantly harm them, looking down on the informed who aren’t as lucky genetically as if they are putting their children at risk.

I can assure you, with my genetic vulnerabilities, my grandchildren would be virtually guaranteed to be neurologically damaged by the current vaccine schedule.  The problem is that most of your doctors don’t even know the first thing about genetic vulnerabilities when it comes to toxins. If you are a physician reading this, do you know your MTHFR status?  You should.  If you were homozygous and your wife was homozygous I can almost guarantee your children are neurologically affected.  Did you realize it was the vaccines that contributed to that?

Parents, get involved, contact your senators and express you outrage at the proposal that you will have your rights to informed consent taken away.  If you feel this way, tell them you will not be forced to vaccinate your child with every vaccine, regardless of risks and benefits, thus mandating vaccines will not work as a public health policy.

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It is my goal to share the important literature as relates to child health and wellness, with a focus on “safe passage in a changing world” the motto of Integrative Pediatrics LLC founded in 2008 and now serving over 11,000 children in the Portland Oregon area.

Doctors, get the facts. I list below a few of the articles that show the Hepatitis B and aluminum toxicity issues.

Studies on Aluminum Safety
“Aluminum exposure from the standard intravenous solutions was calculated to be associated with a mean loss of one point of the Bayley Mental Development Index per day of full intravenous feeding…”

FDA Aluminum Recommendations
“Compounded neonatal PN solutions still exceeded the FDA limit of 5 mcg/kg/day by 3 to 5 times…”

Health Effects of Aluminum
“Immune challenges during early development, including those vaccine-induced, can lead to permanent detrimental alterations of the brain and immune function. Experimental evidence also shows that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants can overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity. In some developed countries, by the time children are 4 to 6 years old, they will have received a total of 126 antigenic compounds along with high amounts of aluminum (Al) adjuvants through routine vaccinations…”

Aluminum and Cellular Metabolism
DNA Affected…
Immune Dysfunction…
Cellular Death…

Aluminun Storage (in the body)
A Biological Half-Life of 7 Years…
Aluminum Stored in Brains of Term and Pre-Term Infants…
Accumulates in Bone and Brain…

Duration of Protection After Infant Hepatitis B Vaccination Series
“Just 24% of these teens had Protective Levels…”
“Most Adolescents Lost Their Immunological Memories…”
“16% of Those Vaccinated in First Year Have Detectable Anti-HBsAB…”

Hepatitis B Vaccine and Autism
Autism Rate in Norway is 1:100. Autism Rate in the USA is 1:50. They don’t give newborns Hepatitis B vaccine routinely in Norway…

300% Increase in Autism in Boys Given Hepatitis B Vaccine in First Month of Life…


Dr. Paul



  • i grew up at a time in the 50’s when there were no measles vaccines. we deliberately exposed ourselves to get measles and mumps and chicken pos to become immune. How many deaths were there in those days from this practice? I never had the idea that this was a dangerous practice.

    • It was not a dangerous practice. They get the 1-2 death per 1000 from reported cases. The unreported cases far outnumbers the reported cases. The average number of unreported cases was 4,000,000 in the early 60s. The death rate in 1960 for children was 110/100000.: By that CDC statistic every one of them had to die of measles. The HRSA report listed a number of causes of death for children. Measles was not one of them.

      The 1-2 per thousand statistic is meant to scare you. So ask yourself why they are trying to scare you in this fashion.

  • thekingsofeden

    Dr. Paul, I was the RN presenting at the Senate Hearing and thought you did an excellent job. I was very glad you were one of the few who was not limited to a three-minute presentation. One of the things I found equally flabbergasting about this entire process is how little anyone seemed to be paying attention to informed, educated data that a third-grader could reasonably understand that shows the immense harm of vaccines.

    GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine Pediarix contains approximately 850 mcg of aluminum in each of the three doses one receives at 2, 4, and 6 months respectively, but uniquely enough this is roughly 42 times the toxic dose of aluminum for children in that age range for a SINGLE dose, and about 127 times the ADDITIVE toxic dose between all three vaccines in a four-month period. I say now as I said during the hearing, this verges on medical malpractice, and I am not sure why this is even legal to administer in the United States of America.

    I thank you for strong voices such as your own who have equal if not far more experience in this field than many of the proponents of this bill.

    I might add that I found it fascinating that at the very end of the entire hearing that, as though out of nowhere the two hours prior, that three pro-vaccine-mandate testimonies “appeared” suddenly throwing the support of Providence Hospital System, the Osteopathic School in Lebanon, and another group I forget whom behind the bill. In closing, as final comments, Chairman Monnes-Anderson who co-sponsored the bill decided to share her “reason” for supporting the bill. Incidentally, there was not a single piece of scientific evidence behind her support for the bill, but rather a sob story about how HER family had been harmed so many years ago by measles. While I don’t wish her family any of the harm they received from the measles, we don’t live in the 1950’s anymore, nor does her sob story somehow become magically more important than the dozen of sad stories that parents of vaccine-injured children shared at that meeting.

    I will be honest, I am not very hopeful about the current direction that Oregon is headed, and I am further disappointed by those who share my profession. As a Registered Nurse it is my job to PROTECT my patient, not to toe the party line.

  • I am literally sick about this. I can;t believe Oregon of all states would even be considering such an archaic and short-sighted bill. Thanks for standing up for us…I will be contacting Wyden and Merkley for sure.
    I seriously can’t believe they want to take away people’s right to choose. Ugg, makes me SO MAD…SO FRUSTRATING.

  • Db

    Are the proposed requirements just for children attending public school? Or, if the amendment were to pass, could I home school to avoid the vaccines for my kids?

  • Succinct summary of the testimony by the proponents of the bill! I noted also that all but one of the people testifying in favor of the bill have a financial interest one way or another in the continued mass use of vaccines. It was a pleasure listening to your testimony. I only wish you had submitted it in writing so it would be more readily available in print, rather than finding it in the video.

  • Thank you Dr. Paul. Excellent post and great resources.

  • Dairygirl

    Thank you so much for putting this out! I have 6 children all unvaccinated ages 15 down to 2 years. We follow a whole foods diet with very little processed food to speak of! My kids are so healthy and thrive, get over colds and flus very quickly and are not sick very often compared to many we know. There is no autism, brain issues or ADHD and they are on no meds of any kind. They are super in school, but we will pull them out of school if it becomes mandatory to vaccinate them! My heart breaks for all the babies that are suffering and will suffer if this happens because of parents not doing their homework! I have a friend with a vaccine damaged child and I have seen the daily struggle! Bless you!

  • S

    Thank you so very much for your testimony yesterday.
    Please take a look at the Senator’s campaign finance report on the Secretary of State’s website. Eli Lilly campaign contribution. Genentech campaign contribution. No Big Pharma conflicts? Is she kidding?
    She’s also attended a conference and skill building retreat over the last two years sponsored by none other than the above, as well as GSK, Novo Nordisk, Merck, etc.
    Finally, please look at the 2013 report that was prepared for the Mississippi Legislature. 500+% increase in Mississippi public school children over the last 10 years.
    I am the parent of a vaccine injured child, and I am honestly frightened at what I see happening here.

  • Heather

    Thank you Dr. Paul for fighting for our kids. Thank you! Please keep us parents in mind if there is anything you need from us! Already contacted the senator…

  • Mm

    I believe we are poisoning ourselves in so many ways. Money is to be made at any cost. There are reasons we are seeing higher incidents of diseases we never saw a 100 years ago. I worry science is one sided: where money is to be made but there is no science behind benign treatments where no profit is seen. Science must be free of bias and it is not , therefore people have no fair way if evaluating what is safe or not.

  • Linda

    Dear Dr. Paul,
    I just want to point out that the oft stated measles mortality rate of 1 per 1000 is incorrect according to Orenstein et al (CDC) 2003, where it is stated that between 1956-1960 there was an average of 542,000 reported cases per year out of an estimated 4 million cases (one birth cohort) per year, with 1 death per 1000 *reported* cases. The mortality rate was really, at least from that time period in the prevaccine era in this country, 1 per 10,000 cases.
    Great post. Thank you for your work and advocacy.

  • J Bishop

    Thank you, Dr. Thomas. I feel my family is also at great immediate risk if the current push to force vaccination is successful and others may be eventually with the precedent set.

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