Why Do More Boys Get Autism Than Girls?

boysandgirlsPast studies have shown estrogen to be protective, and testosterone to be relatively less protective to the developing brain.  This study “Methylomic trajectories across human fetal brain development” by Spiers et. al. (you can read it here… ) published recently in the journal Genome Research, sheds light on differences in methlylation.  This is perhaps the key process by which our DNA is turned on and off and our cells are able to adapt or attempt to adapt to environmental stressors like toxins, actual stress, etc.

They present evidence that males and females have a number of differences in a process called DNA methylation, and that this could be why we see sex differences in things like autism, ADHD, and brain development and function.

Our autistic children (the most severe are often boys) are the canaries in the coal mine, telling us the toxicity of their world has exceeded the genetic capacity to adapt to these toxins.  It has never been more important than now that you do everything you can to minimize toxins in your life – especially for unborn children and infants.

A few key suggestions:

While pregnant:  Don’t take any vaccines, eat organic, take a good prenatal (more on that later), 4-5000 IU/ Day vitamin D, fish oil.

For everyone:  Drink filtered water, eat organic (no GMO, no pesticides or herbicides), vaccinate selectively, lower stress, and support nutritional deficiencies.  We all need extra vitamin D and fish oil unless you eat a lot of fish (which carries a large toxic load). Most of us need a good multivitamin-mineral supplement with Methyl-B12 and folinic acid, not folate (that’s for the 30-50% of us who have the MTHFR defect).


To your health.


Dr. Paul



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