Dr. Thomas Letter to Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward

As many of you may be aware, Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward has sponsored a bill to eliminate your right to “Philosophical Exemption” here in Oregon. She is basically wanting to take away the right of a parent to have any consent over what vaccines are given to their children, regardless of the potential toxicity and side affects of that vaccine. Dr. Thomas has written a letter to Senator Steiner-Hayward, and will also be attending the legislative hearing that will be happening on Wednesday February 18th in Salem. We have posted Dr. Thomas’ letter to Senator Steiner-Hayward below for you to read. We encourage you to contact her office and share your voice on this subject.


I recently gave a talk to over 50 doctors – vaccine update 2015, at the Integrative Pediatrics conference here in Portland.  To remove parents rights to choose when to vaccinate will result in forced poisoning of every child born in this State.  Sound harsh?  Let me explain.

The Hepatitis B vaccine contains 250 micrograms of aluminum.

The FDA warns not to exceed 5 micrograms per Kg per day (15 – 20 micrograms for a newborn)

Numerous studies have show aluminum (injected) is toxic to brain development (studies dating to 1980’s used by FDA to make those recommendations, and many more).

The vaccine schedule changed from giving teens the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns, 2 months and 6 months age in 2001 here in Oregon.  You can look anywhere and see that Autism rates have skyrocketed since then.  I’m not saying aluminum is the only cause, but it is a big toxin and toxins are one of the main triggers.
People catch Hepatitis B from sex and IV drug use.  Babies can only catch Hepatitis B from their moms if they have Hepatitis B.  Our OB-GYN doctors do a fantastic job of screening moms before they deliver so 99% of the time we know mom is immune or doesn’t have hepatitis B or both. The risk of Hepatitis B to that baby is ZERO! To make maters worse we now have a study showing Hepatitis B vaccine in newborns increases autism risk, and we have several studies showing that giving it in the first year as we do does not confer lasting immunity.
Why on God’s green earth (this is Oregon) would we mandate parents to poison their infants, and increase the risk of autism. By choosing to vaccinate against Hepatitis B when they are older they actually protect society more than those parents following the CDC guidelines whose children will no longer have protection when they are young adults and will be putting us all in danger.
You might be tempted to say that we need this law due to the measles epidemic.  Please use a bit of common sense.  Our public health system has virtually eliminated measles and we already have in place laws that allow schools to put unvaccinated children at home in quarantine for 21 days if that school was to have a case of measles.  The system works.  In Oregon, we have had 3 cases in the worst year in a decade (2014) – and nobody caught the measles from these 3 individuals – I’d say our system works very well.  Not a single death in the USA for 10 years, yet we would poison every child born in this country.  WHY?
Please reconsider the bill you have proposed.  I imagine it was well intentioned, but you likely did not have the facts I have shared with you.  Most of my peers are also in the dark on this.  Seems there is a big effort to withhold any information that might be hurtful to bottom line company profits at the expense of our children.  I know you represent the people, not just the corporations that can profit from our children’s misery.  Our country needs strong leadership on this, as unpopular as that would be.


For extensive references on the aluminum issue, I encourage you to read my previous blog on this and check the 28references:




Dr. Paul


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