Measles Update February 2015, Portland. Oregon / MMR Now or Wait?

fallingskyThe sky is falling, and to listen to the news you would think that you are in grave danger from the measles!  Please pause, gather your common sense, and consider all the facts.

FACT:  No one has died from the measles in the USA for 10 years. That is 300,000,000 million people over 10 years with no deaths.

FACT:  We are seeing a spike in cases (644 in 2014 and 102 in January 2015). Most of the 2014 cases were in an unvaccinated Amish community.  (Read more… )

FACT:  The death rate if you get measles is 1 in 1000 or 1 in 2000  (0 to 2 deaths a year in the UK where they have 1,000 -2,000 cases a year).

FACT:  We have had 1-3 cases a year in Oregon for the past few years and NO ONE has caught measles from these cases.

The Philippines and France have had recent (2014) large outbreaks of measles.  Travel out of the country may pose greater risk depending on where you are going.

FACT:  Our government has conceded in court that the MMR vaccine triggered autism in a patient.  (Read more here… )

FACT:  The 2004 Pediatrics study that showed no link between MMR and Autism actually had data showing a link between MMR and autism. (Read more… )

FACT:  The autism rate was 1 in 10,000 50 years ago and is now 1 in 50

FACT:  The autism rate in Norway and at Integrative Pediatrics is 1 in 1000 for moms who take folate with their prenatal.


If giving the full CDC immunization schedule is associated with autism at 1 in 50, that represents 80,000 new cases of autism in the USA each year. If vaccinating differently could reduce that rate to 1 in 1000 we would have 4000 new cases of autism in the USA.  One might consider the possibility that the current way of doing things is causing 76,000 cases of autism. The MMR vaccine may be part of the problem.  It appears, both from the latest study (you can read it here… ) and from our experience at IPL that waiting until age 3 for the MMR vaccine (along with delaying the Hepatitis B vaccine) will both protect your child from measles and give lasting immunity AND reduce the chance of your child becoming autistic.

Who speaks for these autistic children?  Who is championing their rights to live a normal life?

In addition to not giving the Hepatitis B vaccine routinely to newborns (Norway does not give Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns who don’t need it), at Integrative Pediatrics LLC (IPL) patients have been choosing to delay the MMR until age 3. We cannot be sure if it is the reduced aluminum toxicity or the delay of the MMR to age 3 or both, but this seems to be protecting our children from becoming autistic.  We have over 1000 children born into the IPL who are at least 3 years old with no new autism for families without a family history of autism.  There was one case of autism in a child who had a sibling with autism. We should have seen 20 cases of autism this past 6 years by now.

There needs to be a balance between risks and benefits when it comes to the decisions we make about giving vaccines.  Vaccines are important. Vaccines are relatively safe, although there is a real possibility that the aluminum content is toxic (read more here… ) and the MMR in particular is somehow involved in the triggering of autism.

Unless I lived or was about to travel to a part of the country or world where there were active cases of measles – if it were my child, I would wait until they were 3 years old and if I already had one autistic child, or had genetic risk factors such as mitochondrial issues,  I would not give this vaccine at all.

More research is needed on this topic.  I have invited the major institutions here in Portland Oregon to participate in a prospective study looking at this issue of alternative vaccine schedules and autism.  To date I have yet to find anyone willing to look at the data.  Science is about ongoing inquiry. You will not find things you are not looking for.  This issue is far from decided or “scientifically proven” as you will hear the media report.  I often wonder how many autistic children these so called experts have cared for? It seems since the Wakefield saga, no one is willing to risk the wrath of big business and the powers behind the pro-vaccine movement.

It is our children suffering as a result of this lack of intellectual honesty and integrity.  Let’s open the flood gates of research funding to do the studies that still have not been done.  Look prospectively at the outcomes for children who are:

  1. Totally vaccinated
  2. Unvaccinated
  3. Selectively vaccinated.

FACT:  Numerous studies are showing genetic vulnerabilities and that toxins are directly responsible for increased rates of autism.  Vaccines is just one piece of the puzzle, but when it comes to injecting huge doses of toxic aluminum the first year of life, and the MMR – it may well be a very large piece of that puzzle.

Disclaimer:  Dr Paul believes you should follow the CDC schedule for vaccines.  Only if he were your pediatrician and knew your family history and risk factors might he make a recommendation specific to your situation of what he would do if in your shoes.


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  • Heather

    Thank you for this!! Thank you for all that you do for our kiddos Dr. Paul. We cannot thank you enough for keeping them safe and healthy. THANK YOU!!

  • kelli Lisonbee

    This is a recent retraction to one of your cited articles. Do you have any other studies or an explanation as to why this was retracted?
    Thanks so much for your time, reaserch, and especially the interest you take in each of your precious little patients.

  • Leslie Martin

    The study you cite has been retracted. You must have seen this, as it was retracted over a year ago and says so clearly on the top of the study. Please do not rely on studies that are authored by individuals with a conflict of interest – something you criticize others for doing in this same blog.

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