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Dear Sandra G. Hassink, MD, FAAP (President AAP),

Comments regarding your letter to the pediatric community “A Message from the AAP President on the Importance of Immunizations”.

This “epidemic of measles” 644 cases out of 330,000,000 US residents (USA 2014)  = 1/500,000 people.  Death rate is 1/1000 to 1/2000 (see UK data where they have had 0 – 2 deaths a year past 10 years out of 1,000 – 2,000 cases a year for that small country with most if not all being immunocompromised individuals).  In the US this amounts to a death rate of 1/billion.

Why are we stigmatizing intelligent parents who know their family risk factors and choose not to give this vaccine?

Why are we creating this sense of panic when there is a tiny up-tic in measles?  We see year to year variations of infectious diseases all the time.

I hope you will lead this academy in a direction that is more open to all science. There are risks to immunizations (contrary to the biased IOM report that had not one reference to risks or aluminum toxicity, or vaccines-side-effects in general).  Parents should be given true informed consent with the option of doing nothing when it comes to vaccines.  It’s a medical proceedure with risks and benefits and while for most the benefits out-weigh the risks – that is certainly not universal, and for some, to give an MMR is a huge risk yet these parents are demonized in the media and it seems from the statements coming out of the AAP.

Your “message on importance of vaccinations” just puts fuel on the fire, and further pushes the issue away from real honest debate and toward the “just do it because we know what is good for you” attitude that most of my AAP peers seem to have. Patients are being discharged from pediatricians offices at increasing rates.  If this trend continues – pediatricians may find themselves obsolete down the road, as educated and informed parents look for doctors who are reading more than the “sterilized” articles promoted by the AAP and CDC.

I wish you well in the leadership of our precious organization.  Pediatricians need to change their image from one that is increasingly becoming that of being an arm of the CDC and big-pharma to one where we advocate for families and become the leaders in finding the real reasons behind the real epidemic: the autism/ADHD/ADD/anxiety/brain disorders/developmental disorders of this generation.

The answer is in epigenetics, toxins and how they interact with our genes and nutrient deficiencies.  We have done a great job of supporting pregnancies with prenatal vitamins such that genetic glitches like the MTHFR are now found in 30-50% of the population and I suspect this is rising.  Many of these pregnancies may not have come to term 20 – 30 years ago (self-aborting) due to the biochemistry anomalies.  Now supported to term then we the pediatricians, un-aware that these infants are at added risk, fail to support their additional methylation cycle needs, and we add toxic burden with for example the Hepatitis B vaccine as a newborn with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum.  As I’m sure you are aware, the maximum aluminum allowed for TPN is 5 micrograms/Kg. If mom does not have Hepatitis B (99% of US moms do not have hepatitis B) – there is no need to put that toxic load on a newborn or infant.  We need to return to giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to teens so they have the protection when they need it.

The MMR issue is most difficult given the interesting findings of links with Autism, and the recent unfortunate discovery that the CDC and yes our landmark Pediatrics 2004 paper showing no link between MMR and autism which had intentionally hidden the data that showed the opposite – that there was a link.

The truth is singular and we as pediatricians need to stay absolutely open to all findings, inconvenient or not and be champions of the truth and champions for the children.

Our children are struggling like never before under the toxic burden, first in the womb (not mom’s fault – it’s body burden), then the assault on their abilities to get rid of toxins, that comes from the huge aluminum dose given with vaccines and the massive environmental toxin load from our herbicide and pesticide laden food to the water we drink.  No aluminum is not a safe adjuvant.  It was granted as safe but show me the studies.  And now we are allowing the injection of the aluminum containing Tdap during pregnancy.  I find no studies on the injection of aluminum in pregnancy. I invite your participation in promoting such studies, and promoting prospective studies that look at various ways of reducing toxic load on our children (including different vaccine schedules).

Thanks for your leadership.


Dr. Paul


Pediatrician, Integrative Medicine, Addiction Medicine



AAP Letterhead

Dear Dr. Thomas:

As your new president, I have been working closely with AAP leaders and staff to monitor the recent cases of measles in the United States. The measles outbreak that is linked to Disneyland has now been reported in 14 states. The Academy is deeply concerned about the children infected and, most importantly, those at risk because they are unvaccinated.

The evidence is clear that the best way to protect children is to follow the recommended immunization schedule. The measles outbreak is a stark reminder of this. Advocacy of delayed or alternative immunization schedules increases the risks to all children. The AAP strongly urges all members to follow the approved immunization schedule and to help educate families about the safety and effectiveness of childhood vaccines. The Academy has a number of materials available to assist our members. See links below.

Media coverage of this measles outbreak has been generally consistent with AAP policy, but there have been examples of misinformation. The Academy is actively promoting our policy and pitching interviews with AAP spokespersons to the media. We need all pediatricians to join the AAP, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Family Physicians to recommend children be immunized appropriately. The AAP issued a press statement on January 23, and today I am releasing a new statement that directly urges parents to vaccinate their children. Please consider linking to it on your practice websites and sharing it with you r patients and families.

Thank you for your help. As pediatricians, we have a unique and important role to play in times like these to treat sick children, reassure anxious families, and maintain our focus on preventing disease and promoting health. The most effective way to counter misinformation and to promote the effectiveness of vaccinations in protecting child health is through all of us as pediatricians talking about what we know: vaccines work. We do this with our families, with the media, and in conversations taking place online.

I look forward to this year as your president and appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to send me your comments and advice to President@AAP.org.

Warm regards,

Sandra G. Hassink, MD, FAAP



  • Dan

    Thank you for once again being a voice of reason.

  • Tracey Beaird

    Hi Dr. Paul. You may not remember us, but we had a little guy with asthma (Kian) and you were our doctor from his birth in Jan. 2007 until we moved to Bend in 2008. You made a huge impression on us as first time parents. You provided sound education as we tried to make wise, educated decisions for our son. We now have three kids and you have continued to be a beacon for our family through your blog as we continue to try and be wise as serpents, innocent as doves as parents. Thank you for being bold, brave, for considering kids and families, not politics and dollars. We wish there were more doctors like you!

  • ditto Dr Paul!! I can;t believe I am being made to feel like an idiot for not doing all the vaccinations for my kids. Appreciate your stand, as always.

    • It is the educated and intelligent who are making informed choices about vaccines and the ignorant and misinformed who champion all vaccines for everyone – like lemmings going over the cliff.

  • Arin

    Thank you Dr. T for continuing to fight for our children instead of just “going with the grain.” I have two boys under your care and your dedication to this field and sound research before going head first into popular methodology makes me feel safe in trusting the care of my children to you. Many thanks from a very grateful family

  • C

    Hi Dr. Paul- My 8 year old son has not received the MMR vaccination. My older son received a single dose of the measles vaccination years ago but apparently the U.S. no longer offers single dose shots for measles. (It’s the MMR or nothing.)
    With the measles scare currently going on what do you suggest?
    Thank you!


    • Thanks to all you are supportive of getting all the information. There was one 40 year old man in Oregon who got the measles last month. To date noone else has even caught this highly contagious disease from that man and we are about past the incubation period – so in Oregon your risk is as low as ever – about zero risk. If you are going to travel to an area where known active cases of measles are – then consider it – especially if your child is over age 3 and neurotypic (not with autism, severe anxiety, ADHD etc)

    • It’s a moving target and depends on your family history of risks and whether there is measles in your community etc. I cant give specific advise on this forum.
      keep reading my blogs – it will become clear

  • Jay

    Thank you, Dr. Thomas. Great response and great information.

  • Heather

    Thank you Dr. Paul. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am very concerned about the hysteria created by the government/media/corporation complex tied to the measles “epidemic.” Your cool reason should settle the nerves of many. I will forward this to my friends and associates.

  • I’ve heard that the MMR only covers genotype A, and the current measles strain in the US is B3. Does that mean the MMR will not protect against the strain of measles currently in the US? Can you please help clarify how the MMR vaccine works?

  • Sara Soltani

    Hi Dr.Paul,

    I just want to thank you for being the voice of reason within the medical community. I also wanted to bring to your attention that Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward,MD is writing an amendment to SB442 that removes the online education program all together and as such the current informed consent/philosophical “non-medical” exemption meaning a medical exemption is all that will remain for Oregon.
    This is a huge violation of our freedoms. I was hoping you might be willing to attend the hearing on Feb.18th @ 3pm in Salem and talk some sense into these legislators.
    My family thanks you for your consideration.

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