Measles: The Ongoing Love of Fear in The Media and Press- What to Do Now That Everyone is Worried?

optionsBad news sells. Fear based news gets our attention. It seems we have moved from Ebola to measles in this fear cycle.  For the latest news on this we have:

LA Times 1/21/2015: …”several employees at Disneyland diagnosed with measles” and “total number of cases in California rose to 53.”

CNN 1/20/2015: …”one school in Huntington Beach has barred children who could not prove that they were vaccinated for measles…”

Eugene Register-Guard 1/21/2015: … “first case of measles since 2007″…”man in 40’s who visited Disneyland in December.”

Seattle Times 1/21/2015: …”second case of measles in Washington State linked to the Disneyland outbreak” … “involves unvaccinated teen boy in Gig Harbor and unvaccinated girl who got measles at Disneyland December 17-20”

The big question:  When do I worry and rush in to get the MMR if my child is at least a year old and has not had the MMR vaccine?

Let’s get a few facts straight.

  1. The MMR is recommended routinely at 12 months age.  So parents wanting to know what we recommend, that is the recommendation that we are instructed to give per AAP/ CDC.
  2. Dr Paul would only vaccinate his child, grandchild, or loved-one before age 3 years if that child was going to be around a recent (past 21 days) case of measles.
  3. I (Dr Paul) would not at this time be rushing in to get my less than 3 year old the MMR here in the USA unless locally there were several cases in the area that child might go.
  4. If you get measles your chance, of death is quoted in the literature as being 1 in 2000.  It is probably much lower than that.
  5. If the measles cases in California reach 76, then your risk there is one in 1/2 million (1 in 500,000) X 1 in 2000 risk of death = 1 in a billion.


You are much more likely to be struck by lightning but someone will get struck by lightening right?  See my previous blog on this here…

If I thought the MMR was completely harmless, of course everyone should get the vaccine. Sadly, this vaccine seems to be rough on the immune system, linked to neuro-inflammation and may be linked to autism, despite the reassurances of the CDC, AAP, and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) etc.

What are you more fearful of?

Causing your child to become autistic (risk is now somewhere between 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 in the USA)  or your child dying of measles (with a risk of 1 in 1,000,000,000).  You have to live with your choices.  I would not want to increase the risk of my child becoming autistic from 1 in 1000 or better as it is now in Norway and in my practice (for those who wait on the Hepatitis B and  MMR until at least age 3) to 1 in 50 now experienced in the USA.  Am I saying that the MMR vaccine is causing autism? Not exactly, but there seems to be a risk for it, as reflected from parents reports, my experience, and a few studies.  For other blogs on the topic and links to the other studies visit www.drpaulvideos and search the blogs.


Dr. Paul






  • Anna

    Can a vaccinated adult be a carrier of measles without showing symptoms? thank you

    • I seriously doubt this could happen – you would need to be sick to be coughing and spreading the virus.

    • No.
      When you have antibodies against measles (those of us old enough to have had real measles or those vaccinated) – when exposed our immune system kills the measles virus right away.
      You get measles either from someone infected or from someone just vaccinated with the live virus vaccine (rare to catch it from those vaccinated but is does happen).

  • Ms. C.

    Thank you. I am grateful that doctors like you, Dr. Bob Sears and Dr. Larry Palevsky are willing to question their safety. Measles is nothing to take lightly but there are other choices to support the immune system that do not involve injecting a drug with dangerous side effects.
    Please keep researching and sharing. There are many highly educated people like us that need doctors to stand up and be healers first, do no harm, not yell at us, intimidate or bully us, kick us out of their practice and threaten us with recourse. Please do not fall to the pressures of these fear mongerers. We need the choice to say no. We are all different and each person will be affected differently based on their genetics. I know now that is true. Years ago I thought these drugs were the savior of the human race and I bought into the dogma (and the manipulated data.)
    As a person who was not vaccinated as a child (not even for polio because my mom had survived and they thought we would have her immunity!) I survived mumps, pertussis, chicken pox, measles and rubella. I was tested and showed immunity to them when I was pregnant, I have always had a healthy immune system. So, what a shock it was when a routine vaccine in my 30s nearly killed me. I was not prepared to change my thinking, like so many people. Experience made me realize that these reactions are real and not rare. Under reported by far.
    I’ve since done 17 years of in-depth research. It triggered autoimmune disease in me as an adult but it was the immediate high fever of 105 and encephalitis that was the immediate reaction. I believe that had I had that vaccine as a child I probably would have died or been damaged and they would just have called it a coincidence! I’m also getting tested for the MTHFR variant as I cannot methylate properly. I thank God I went through my reaction as an adult and before I had kids. Otherwise, my ignorance would have led to disaster for them.
    I’m now convinced we are going about “helping immunity” completely wrong. Attacking and agitating with toxins, preservatives, adjuvants and heavy metals is counterproductive. Herd immunity is a theory which was meant for natural, full immunity. We are hurting millions with this misapplied theory. The artificial, weakened, toxin containing version doesn’t create real immunity, nor is it safe. The reaction may not be severe or immediate for most but over time it will affect all. Chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, neurological damage, cancer are all outcomes of the added toxic burden and unnatural assault to the complex immune system. There could be much better ways to help the immune system if the drug companies truly wanted to heal people. There is no money (for drug companies) to be made in natural healing…. It’s out of control and at the cost of our children, for generations to come.
    Thank you again for continuing to help those of us who cannot and do not want to take an unnecessary risk.

    • I agree and appreciate your comments. I do think that herd immunity works for some situations. Let’s keep an open mind on that one. Just tough to decide when the potential dangers especialy for those with MTHFR etc (many other undetermined risk factors). We do need to get away from one size fits all immunization schedules.

  • Lindsey

    You wrote “Dr Paul would only vaccinate his child, grandchild, or loved-one before age 3 years if that child was going to be around a recent (past 21 days) case of measles.
    I (Dr Paul) would not at this time be rushing in to get my less than 3 year old the MMR here in the USA unless locally there were several cases in the area that child might go.”

    If you lived in the Los Angeles area would you consider this a concern and vaccinate your child prior to three years of age? Thank you

    • My family has some extra risk factors (MTHFR for example) so I might still not – but that’s a tough question and if there were no family history of issues like autism etc. – yes I would consider it.

  • Tara

    Thank you for this information. My children are vaccinated for measles, and I have no regrets. That said, public health officials are starting to lose credibility when they resort to hyperbole. Apparently, measles aren’t nearly as deadly as portrayed.

    On another note, Rep. Steiner Hayward is filing legislation to take away our right to non-medical exemptions. I hope you strongly consider testifying against it. On Feb. 18, there will be a committee hearing for another one of her bills to make state-sponsored re-education mandatory for parents of incoming middle schoolers. The concern is that someone may try to sneak into this bill a ban on non-medical exemptions.

  • I am considering testifying. We need to maintain our rights or we are no better than a police state. I’m glad your children were not harmed – and that is the case for most and is why it is so easy for many to be pro-vaccine and slander those who are educated and know that there are risks – especially if therte are family history of autism or severe auto-immune disorders or MTHFR etc.

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