Don’t Let Your School or Daycare Bully You Into Vaccines- What To Do.

moneyshotIt is that time of the year again.  Schools and day cares are threatening exclusion if you are not completely vaccinated according to the CDC and AAP recommendations.  This is entirely wrong and is misinformation.  The new Oregon law that just went into effect in March of 2014 (you can learn more here… ) states that parents who are not giving all the vaccines that are “required” for school have two options:

  1. Get their doctor to sign a medical exemption (which I cannot do because of the way the law was worded that I must provide information consistent with the CDC).
  2. Watch the state video (which you can access here… ) and print off a certificate and give it to the school or daycare for each of your children.


You need to watch the state video on a computer that has a printer connected as you must print your certificate at that time.  Allow at least an hour to click through all the segments of the video.

Medical information is protected by law, so no school or day care can threaten you to do anything.  Some parents share that they are being told that other parents are asking them if they have unvaccinated children and threatening not to use that day care if they do.  Remind your day care that the immunization status of your child is confidential medical information and they will be breaking the law if they release such health information.

For my previous blog that gives the points and counterpoints to the information provided on the state video, read here…

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  • I knew the video was going to be slanted, but wow! The scare tactics, the bandwagon approach are heavy in this. Unfortunately, they were smart in designing this so that you have to click “next every minute or two and can’t walk away from it! Thanks for the link, I had to get that out the way for the few we haven;t done…painful;!

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