Study Shows Trans-Fats are Linked to Poor Memory

fatsTrans-fats are industrial artificial fats made to give liquid oils a solid state that extends food shelf life.  They are most common in margarine, fast foods, baked goods, snack foods, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, some refrigerated dough and most packaged foods that are not food in their natural state, like nuts are.

Past studies have shown trans-fats to increase heart disease, cancer ,and shorten your life. This study, presented at the American Heart Association November 18th, 2014 meeting, “Trans-fat consumption is linked to diminished memory in working-aged adults”, (which you can read here… ) showed reduced memory in young men ages 20-45. This association held even after considering age, education, ethnicity, and depression.

Like so many things that are introduced to our population without long term studies, and heralded as great advancements, trans-fats should be banned as should aspartame (a toxic artificial sweetener common in diet sodas, gum, medicines, and many diet foods). Sadly our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearly is a puppet to industry or they could act to protect the citizens of the US in the face of the mounting and undeniable evidence against trans-fats and aspartame. Last year the FDA did finally propose that trans-fats may not be safe for human consumption. (Read more here… )


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