Which Vegetables Should Be Organic

appleEating organic and non-GMO is perhaps the single most important health practice for your family. The diseases of the modern world are primarily toxin related, and the two greatest sources of those toxins are the food we eat and the water we drink.  Drink filtered water. A charcoal filter will remove most pesticides and herbicides, so even using a Britta pitcher is way better than just drinking tap water.

The next and most significant toxin exposure is our food. If you can afford to go all organic, then do it.  If money is making that just impossible, then avoid the worst ones and wash all your food well before eating or cooking.  I give links below to a few web sites that are helpful.


GO ORGANIC: Apples, celery, most berries, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables should be organic.

SAFER ARE: Onions, avocados and coconut are relatively safe not being organic.


What is making this more difficult if you are trying to find safe foods is that some that are testing low residues are actually more and more a GMO crop being sprayed with round-up (glyphosate), a huge toxin. Some in this category are pineapples and papaya, zucchini and yellow squash, rice and corn and of course soy and sugar from sugar beets.

Do what you can.  When it comes to toxins, every little bit adds up, and those that do the best job of avoiding toxins win the health game of life. It is a lifelong accumulation of hundreds of toxins, many unknown, so avoiding industrial chemicals is a great place to start.


You can learn more at the following links:


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