Time To Play and Have Fun- Lots of Benefits From Infants To Adults

funI was a biologist before becoming a doctor. This January 2015 issue of Current Biology, titled “Biology of fun,” caught my attention.  Have you noticed you just feel better when you are having fun? For me, the time I could consider being spent having fun seemed to decrease as I got older. Some struggles were so consuming that I let them rob me of my ability to have fun; years spent trying to get into medical school, working too much, various personal struggles of my own making.  It’s time to learn from the animal kingdom and have more fun.

Studies on infants showed how the reaction to the absurd (blowing raspberries for example) involve the infants observation of others reactions and how the social context teaches the nuances of humor.

Adult apes in Central Africa, play chasing, hanging and water games at all ages. Authors note “play makes individuals more adaptable because it makes them more social”. How true it is that the more we isolate, the less adaptable we become.

Dr Bateson discovered that those who were most playful were also the most creative.

So parents, let’s do all we can to enjoy and play with our infants and children.  It really does bring the joy of parenting into reality.  Having raised 9 children (some adopted in the pre-teen and teenage years). I can assure you that the times when we were having fun as a family are by far the most cherished times of all.


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