When Somebody Loses Weight, Where Does The Fat Go? Study Clarifies and Thus Eat Less and Move More

scale with feetIn this article, “When somebody looses weight, where does the fat go?” (which you can read here… ) authors Meerman and Brown point out that it is more than energy in and energy out. They track carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and show that the average fatty acid converted mostly to carbon dioxide and water.

They point out that at rest, while sleeping, or doing light activities, we excrete (exhale) 203 grams of carbon a day.  The usual 2000 Kcal diet provides 210 grams of carbon and a single muffin represents about 50 grams of carbon.  An hour of intense exercise, like jogging, removes an extra 39 grams of carbon.

This explains why weight loss through exercise is easily foiled by eating too much or eating the wrong foods (high in fat and refined carbohydrates).

On a side note, the authors make fun of doctors and all of us in their survey showing that most of us think that we lose weight by the production of energy and heat.  They claim that technically the weight loss is going out of the lungs in the form of carbon dioxide.  I guess that is like saying the gas the car technically goes out the exhaust, but if the car didn’t move or get us anywhere, who cares!

Take home message though- in weight loss- first watch what you eat then move/exercise to increase the size of your engine and burn more fuel.



Dr. Paul


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