GOALS: New Years Resolution- Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight. Weekly weigh-ins help!

s4Do you wonder what you can do to keep your weight in a good range?
Does getting on the scale help? This study shows that weekly weigh-ins and perhaps even daily weigh-ins help you achieve the goal of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Whether or not you are one to make New Years Resolutions, it is clear that those who set goals and make a plan for achieving those goals, will have a far greater chance of reaching those goals than those who have no goals.

I have always struggled with setting goals and then often not completely achieving them. I’ve also achieved many near impossible goals. The thing is, if it’s important to you, just keep at it. Reset the goal, recalculate the route, bring in more support, and keep the focus, the eye on the goal. Most of us finished high school. For some, that may have been a struggle. But if you did it, what a wonderful achievement! For some, college may have been a struggle. But for those who pushed on, the rewards certainly followed. For me, getting into medical school was the struggle. It was a laser-focus goal, and I did not take my eye off that goal until it was accomplished. I have a daughter, Rufaro, that was just accepted into medical school after a 10 year journey since college. How did she do it? She never gave up, she kept working on herself and her portfolio of what she brought as an applicant.

Perhaps you need to quit smoking, or stop drinking, or need to give up some other self-destructive habit. Perhaps, like me, you need to lose a few pounds and keep them off this time. If you have tried before and failed, don’t give up. TRY AGAIN! Winners are the ones who keep getting up when knocked down. They are the ones that overcome adversity, Do what is hard to do and stand by your decisions, even if you have failed a hundred times in the past.

Ask yourself, “Is this goal worth it?
How will I get there?”

Then join me and see it through in 2015.

The study (which you can read here… ) showed that for weight loss and maintaining weight loss, it was important to weigh yourself at least weekly, and that daily weigh-ins can be even better. The more they weighed themselves, the more weight they lost. Track whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. The participants who were successful needed to be overweight (BMI >25), have a target (goal weight), and be willing to track their progress.

In another study (which you can read here… ) participants were found to show a progress bias such that goal-consistent behaviors (like frequent weigh-ins) were more helpful than goal-inconsistent behaviors (like poor diet) were hurtful. It is this expectation that we will be successful that can actually blind us to the dangers that might derail us from reaching our goals. Don’t underestimate the importance of also monitoring those things that can prevent you from reaching your goal. Maybe you only allow one cheat meal a week. Maybe you can only eat out once a week. Maybe you track getting to the gym also.

Whatever your goal for 2015, I wish you a happy journey as you work toward your worthwhile goals. Enjoy the journey.

HAPPY 2015!

Dr. Paul



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  • Rufaro

    Thank you so much dad. You are and will always be my greatest inspiration!! It really is about setting a goal, getting to work and sticking to it like you say, and also enjoying the journey along the way. I like how you mention to not “underestimate the importance of monitoring those things that can prevent you from reaching your goal.” I totally agree. It takes a lot of discipline and consistency; but is so worth it in the end!

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