Influenza Update USA, Oregon- Christmas 2014

FluIf you live in the middle of the USA, Texas, or Puerto Rico you are seeing plenty of influenza.  Most of the USA and Oregon, where I live, is just beginning to see the first cases of this flu season that will likely peak in February or March this year. 82% of the Oregon samples were H3 type (23 cases confirmed). The good news is that this looks to be a mild season.  For those in my practice who would like protection, we do have the vaccine in the mercury-free single dose shots. It is definitely not too late to come and get that shot. In Oregon 17-35% of residents have taken the flu shots of early December.  This matches what I see in my practice.

If you have underlying medical conditions like asthma, lung or heart disease or are in any other way medically fragile or sickly, then getting the flu is much more dangerous for you and you should get the flu shot.  If you will be around someone who is potentially at higher risk, it makes sense that you get the protection.  Make sure you get the single dose mercury-free shot.

This year the flu vaccine is not as effective against the H3 strain that is circulating, but still gives a little protection.  This year the flu mist (nasal spray vaccine) is not working well for those under age 8 years, but still gives a little protection.

You can read more about the current state of Influenza in the USA by clicking here…



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