C-Section or Antibiotics During Pregnancy Doubles Risk That Your Child Will Be Obese By Age 7

FattyObesity is a major health concern in the US where more than a 1/3 of adults are obese (see here… ). Obesity results in increased heart disease, stroke, Type-2 Diabetes, and cancer.  The medical costs alone (not to mention the suffering) is $147 billion annually, or $1,429 per person per year for the obese, a price not paid by those that are considered normal weight.

The study “Prenatal exposure to antibiotics, cesarean section (CS) and risk of childhood obesity,” followed 436 mother-child pairs for 7 years. You can read the study here…

What this study found was:

  • Those who were exposed to antibiotics in the 2nd or 3rd trimester had an 84% higher risk of obesity.
  • CS (independent of the antibiotic issue) was associated with a 46% higher rate of obesity.

It is thought that antibiotics during pregnancy paired with a CS reduce and change the microbiota (normal bacteria) that moms share with their newborns.  It is thought that this may be the mechanism by which antibiotics and CS trigger obesity.   While more studies are needed, this may be a legitimate issue.  One must then ask if the routine dosing of Group B Strep mothers with antibiotics before birth does more harm than good. It is hard to deny Group B Strep positive moms the antibiotics as we know that they prevent neonatal deaths (rare as those events are).

Until more data is available, my recommendation is that moms who are Group B Strep positive and those likely to get a CS, start good probiotics before delivery and start an appropriate probiotic for their newborns right at birth.  My practice carries Natogen (marketed by Seroyal in the USA) that has been tested in pregnancy and with newborns and known to be both safe and effective.

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Dr. Paul





  • I and two of my four siblings were delivered by non-labor C-section in the 1950s (what were they thinking?!) Only vaginal born to live did end up being obese, but she was exposed to DES in utero in 1949 – sheesh. If babies are going to be delivered by C-section, then there needs to be an exhaustive, exhaustive lifelong search as to why this was necessary. Since mother’s second baby died 25 hours after birth, the rest of us were delivered by C-section. Was mother nature trying to tell my parents and the docs something? OMG……My mother did not have the stamina, nor the nutrition, nor the genetics to justify delivering three more babies by C-section. I do not think that we would have been delivered alive vaginally, but we have had so many other issues, some of us with obesity….it is just insane…..you can try to bypass mother nature for a little while, but she does really knows best…..

  • Ziva Ellis

    Wish I’d read this article a year ago. I struggled with the decision of whether to take the antibiotics for GBS. I did in the end and I was on prebiotic and give my baby some too but it is c worrying. The observed basically bullied me into it.

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