Maintain A Healthy Weight and Save Years Of Life and Decades Of Less Disability

fatsogiraffeWhat is more important to you:  How long you live, or the quality of your life while you live it, or perhaps both?

As I am in the health promoting business, I search for information that can improve our health and wellness.  Maintaining a healthy body weight is perhaps understood by most of us to be important.  This study “Years of life lost and healthy life-years lost from diabetes and cardiovascular disease in overweight and obese people: a modeling study,” (you can read it here… ) drives this point home.


To summarize:

  • The younger you are when you become obese or overweight the greater loss of years and number of years you will live ill.
  • Being very obese (BMI >35) was worse than just being obese (BMI >30) which was worse than being overweight (BMI 25-30).
  • Healthy life-years lost were 2-4 times higher than total years of life lost for all categories.
  • If aged 20-39 years, plan to lose 6.1 (women) to 8.4 (men) years of life if very obese


We all want our children to grow up healthy and happy.  When we struggle with our weight, it is hard to own the challenge and easier to blame our “genetics”.  If your child is struggling with weight, take it seriously.  Most of the time it is life-style related, meaning it is due to what they are putting in their body (food and liquid).  Who buys this “food”?  Often those parents who have heavy children are heavy themselves.  Are we willing to change?  I have had to continually adjust my lifestyle to avoid weight gain.

I am placing no blame here.  It is really hard not to gain weight living in today’s world.  We are surrounded by processed food, fast food, and junk food . Iit is difficult and takes a lot of planning to eat real fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Most of us don’t get the minimum 30 minutes, 3-4 days a week of exercise that gets our heart rate (HR) up to 60-80% of maximum (maximum HR = 220 – age).  For many of us we are fighting an uphill battle with pre-diabetes (insulin resistance) or other health challenges.   If so, get medical help, cut out processed carbohydrates, and keep making changes until you see the weight dropping.  For children who are overweight, sometimes it’s just preventing them from gaining, and they grow into their weight.

Remember, it is not just about living longer.  This study shows that paying attention to our weight will improve our quality of life also.

Parents in the Portland Oregon area, contact Natura at: for yourselves if you want help with weight loss.


Dr. Paul



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