Smoking Still Causing 30% Of Cancers In The US

Itobaccof you are a smoker, what is the most important health decision you can make for yourself and your family? Quit!  OK, easier said than done, but why?  Do you suppose that nicotine is addictive?  Of course it is.  Did you think about that when you first started smoking?  Probably not.  I smoked as a new high school graduate.  I think I wanted to be grown up and back then “cool”!  Was I able to quit?  Thankfully, yes, but not after many attempts and great focus and effort.  You can quit.  Never stop trying and keep that your number one priority until it is a distant memory and you not only don’t crave them, you actually can’t stand being around tobacco.

Why all the hostility Dr Paul?  OK, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not hating on the smoker but on the act of smoking or chewing etc.

Just published “What proportion of cancer death in the contemporary United States is attributable to cigarette smoking?,” (you can read it here… )  showed that 29-32% of all cancer deaths in the USA for adults 35-54 were attributable to smoking cigarettes!  This is the same proportion that was determined 30 years ago.

Guess who dies from cancer that is related to their smoking? The smoker!  Sorry that was a trick question. Some do die of second hand smoke for sure, so whatever you do don’t smoke indoors.  As one who struggled to stop smoking for several years, I can poke fun at how hard it is.  BUT, it is no laughing mater.  Get help.  See a doctor about it, call a stop smoking help line.  Make a decision then don’t let go of that decision until you stop for good.

To your health and that of your loved ones.



Dr. Paul




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