Should I get amalgams or composite fillings? Study shows silver amalgam tooth fillings cause ongoing mercury exposure and health risk

amalgamfillingsShould you get your silver (mercury amalgam) dental fillings replaced?  Should you get silver (mercury amalgams) or white composite fillings for your dental cavities?

If you have amalgam fillings, will removing them have measurable health benefits?

Yes you should get your silver/mercury amalgams replaced (unless you are pregnant at the time) and yes there will be health benefits. You definitely should insist on white composite fillings (get the BPA free ones if at all possible) and refuse mercury containing amalgams.

In this study “Longitudinal analysis of the association between removal of dental amalgam, urine mercury and 14 self-reported health symptoms,” in Environmental Health 2014 (you can read it here… ) these questions are answered.

Results showed:

  1. Those with dental amalgam fillings at baseline have double the measured urine mercury excretion on an ongoing basis, compared to those without these fillings.
  2. Removal of amalgam fillings cuts levels to half of those in individuals without fillings.
  3. Removal of amalgams reduced symptoms and resulted in health improvements for those with amalgams compared to those who did not have their amalgams removed.


Clearly the time has come to ban the use of mercury fillings. They should have been banned decades ago, as we have known there is increased mercury exposure and mercury is known to be a potent neurotoxin. Dental amalgams are 43-50.5% mercury by weight. Those of us with mercury amalgams, release mercury vapor when chewing or drinking hot liquids.  80% of that vapor is absorbed when inhaled and carried all over the body by blood cells.

Mercury is cytotoxic, neurotoxic, immunotoxic, and nephrotoxic.  Due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, it is especially toxic to brain tissue, and its binding to selenoproteins adds to oxidative stress. It is this selenium binding that makes selenium an important nutrient to take around the time you may be having your filling removed. Nervous toxicity can result in mood, memory, and concentration problems as well as causing headaches, fatigue, and motor coordination issues.  My own children’s hand writing improved dramatically along with focus and learning gains the months after having their mercury fillings removed a decade ago.

As a parent, insist on composite (white) fillings.  Many insurances don’t cover them as well (mercury amalgams are cheap), but insist anyway and pay the difference.  This is too important a toxin to allow into your child’s brain and body.  If you already have silver fillings as I did years ago, have them removed.  Just don’t have them removed while you are pregnant as there is a temporary large dose of mercury that you will inhale while they drill out those old mercury fillings.  Also make sure the dentist removing them has a strong vacuum to remove the vapor and that the tooth is dammed so you don’t swallow any of the mercury.


Summary data and baseline values for sample population with self-reported symptoms…



Dr. Paul


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