Gratitude- Happy Thanksgiving!

A thanksgiving decoration sign over a white backgroundThanksgiving is a special holiday.  It is time to reflect and be grateful for everything good in our lives; family, children, friends, you, our Integrative Pediatrics family, a free country to live in (sure we fight to keep many of our freedoms, but it’s still the greatest country to live in), and the love of many and the ability to share love.  Add your gratitude’s.

I have known that during times of stress and distress, one of the simple ways to dig out of that place and regain peace and joy is to make a gratitude list every day. Gratitude reduces stress and anxiety.  It is gratitude that protects us from negative thinking and emotions and helps us draw closer to those we love.  In short, gratitude is perhaps the most powerful medicine of all for our emotional and spiritual well being.


Reach out to those who may be alone.  In the village in Zimbabwe where I grew up, no one ever went hungry.  All you had to do was walk past a house at dinner time and you were automatically welcomed to the table.

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Dr. Paul





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