Maternal Inflammation Triggers Increased Autism

Maternal InflammationWe have known since the autopsy study by Vargas in 1995 (you can read that here… ) that autism children have inflammation in their brains.  In the 2014 study “Maternal Inflammation contributes to brain overgrowth and Autism-Associated Behaviors through altered Redox signaling in Step and Progenitor cells,” we now have a mechanism explained.

This study showed that maternal inflammation increased NADPH oxidase (NOX)-P13K pathway signaling which increased neural stem and progenitor cells and forebrain microglia and resulted in autism associated behaviors in offspring.

So this is a lot of technical science.  In practical terms, how can we use this information?  Avoid triggers of inflammation.  What are the major known triggers of inflammation?

  • Gluten in your diet
  • Casein (dairy)
  • High glycemic index foods (flour, sugar)
  • Aspartame (diet sodas, gum, NutraSweet, etc.)
  • Trans fats (hydrogenated) and saturated fats (animal fats, etc.)
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • MSG (called “natural flavors” in packaged foods)
  • Alcohol (tiny amounts can be protective)
  • Vitamin D deficiency


So basically:  Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, take more omega-3 fish oil and your vitamin D, and avoid the above list.


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