Artificial Sweeteners in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding- This Study Shows It’s a Horrible Idea

Aspartame BubbleJust published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology September 2014, “Exposure to non-nutritive sweeteners during pregnancy and lactation: impact in programming metabolic diseases in the progeny later in life,” is a great review of this topic (you can read it here… ).  A few things stand out:


  • Aspartame is the most problematic and it is likely due to the conversion to formaldehyde all over the body that makes aspartame so toxic.
  • Exposure in pregnancy and as infants through breast milk increases metabolic glucose and insulin homeostasis and contributes to obesity.
  • Exposure in pregnancy and as infants increases risks of neurological issues, especially in males.
  • Exposure in pregnancy and as infants increases oxidative stress and increases cancer risks.


  (aspartame = methanol = formaldehyde = cancer)


Friends don’t let friends use aspartame, and parents, surely don’t poison your future children  (while pregnant) or those in your care now.  Remember, diet sodas and gum are the major sources of aspartame, but it is in some yogurt, diet foods, and even sweet medicines.  Also avoid methanol (canned fruits, fruit juices and canned vegetables are the greatest natural source of methanol).  Remember that aspartame does its damage through methanol (wood alcohol) being converted to formaldehyde in various parts of the body.  The best book to explain all this – you will never touch another diet drink in your life – is titled “While Science Sleeps”, and is written by Woodrow Monte. Learn more about this here…



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