Should We Label GMO Food, and if so Why?

toxic plateIf you are a voter in Oregon, I recommend a yes vote on measure 92 to require food labels to include the words “genetically engineered” for foods genetically engineered through nucleic acid techniques and cell-fusing techniques.  Traditional plant breeding techniques like hybridization are excluded and OK and don’t require the label.

Here is the problem with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) or genetically engineered foods:

  • They have resulted in the largest explosion of pesticide use in the history of the world.
  • The USA now uses 100,000 tons of glyphosate a year on just corn soy and cotton. Read more..
  • For soybean crops in 1996, 7% were genetically engineered to need glyphosate, and by 2010 93% were. Read more…
  • Glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic and potent endocrine disruptors (EDC’s) in human cells. Read more…
  • – WHO and UN concluded “Exposure to EDC’s … plays a role in the increased incidences or reproductive diseases, endocrine-related cancers, behavioral and learning problems, including ADHD, infections, asthma and perhaps obesity and diabetes in humans”. Read more…


I have no doubt that the low testosterone our men (young and old) are suffering from is also related to this. The epidemic of neurological disorders from autism, ADHD, anxiety and learning issues, sensory issues etc. in the young to the memory and chronic health issues and cancer as we age are all linked to the explosion of toxins in our world.  The endocrine disruptors that are exploding with the use of herbicides could be reduced to negligible if GMO and genetically engineered crops designed for herbicides were banned.

Since politics and economics control the federal agencies that are supposed to protect us, we the people will have to wake up and demand change with our pocketbooks.

A look at the top donors trying to keep us in the dark about what foods contain GMO/ genetically engineered foods should be a wake up call.  Do these companies really have our best interests at heart or do they stand to loose money if we knew what we were eating and drinking?  Is there any wonder that Monsanto sits at the top of this list of profiteers?  They make the glyphosate, the herbicide that makes them billions of dollars annually while they poison us.


Top donors to Oregon’s NO on 92 Campaign
Monsanto – $4.8 million
Pepsi -$1.4 million
Coke – $702,000
Kraft – 870,000
Land O’Lakes – $760,000
General Mills – 695,000
Dow – $368,300
Hershey – $320,000
Smuckers’ – 295000
Kelloggs – 250 000
(Source: Oregon Secretary of State website)


A tragic blunder just occurred last week with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval of Dow Chemical Company’s toxic herbicide 2,4-D to be used in combination with glyphosate. This chemical is related to agent orange used in Vietnam.  The reason?  Seems we have super weeds now resistant to glyphosate. [the link] The solution? add 2,4-D, an even more toxic herbicide, to our crops. But wait,  they have already developed the “special” seeds that can tolerate this toxin.  I just can’t wait for the explosion of health problems over the next decade as they roll this one out.


Why to they call it EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)?  Seems if should be renamed the EDA (Environmental Destruction Agency).


Dr. Paul




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