Vitamin D Reduces Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, Pancreatic Cancer, Inflammation, Pre-Eclampsia, Pain of Fibromyalgia and Improved Mood and Cognition in Parkinson’s.

vitamin D and the sunshineThe top 8 articles on vitamin D during the past year show why this is the one supplement everyone needs all the time. It would be a rare study indeed that doesn’t show benefit with supplementing vitamin D.  This past year, we have studies showing reduced atopic dermatitis and eczema, reduced pancreatic cancer, reduced inflammation in pregnancy, less preeclampsia with pregnancy, less fibromyalgia pain, and improved mood and cognition with Parkinson’s.  At the end of this blog are the references and links to past blogs on the benefits of vitamin D.

October 2014 “Randomized trial of Vitamin D supplementation for winter-related atopic dermatitis in children,” children receiving just 1000 IU a day had twice the improvement of those who took placebo in their eczema scores after only one month of supplementation. (you can read the study here… ).  I suspect the benefits might have been even greater had the dose been higher for the older children and if they had remained on vitamin D supplementation indefinitely.

July 2014 “Vitamin D Receptor-mediated stromal reprogramming suppresses pancreatitis and enhances pancreatic cancer therapy,” found that those given additional vitamin D survived twice as long and the adequate vitamin D enhanced the effectiveness of chemotherapy. You can read this study here…

June 2014 “Effects of calcium – vitamin D co-supplementation on glycaemic control, inflammation and oxidative stress in gestational diabetes: a randomized placebo-controlled trial,” showed significant reductions in fasting glucose, serum insulin, LDL-cholesterol and total cholesterol along with elevated HDL-cholesterol. You can read this study here…

MD’s often prescribe high doses of injectable vitamin D2.  The active form of vitamin D is vitamin D3, which we either make when sunlight hits our skin or we can take as a vitamin D3 supplement.  This study (you can find it here… ) showed that taking Vitamin D2 actually lowered vitamin D3 levels and caused greater muscle damage in power athletes.  I only recommend taking vitamin D3.

January 2014 “Maternal vitamin D status and the risk of mild and severe preeclampsia,”  showed that women with vitamin D levels above 50 nMoles/L had significantly less severe preeclampsia when compared with those with levels <30 nMoles/L. Read more here…   I suspect the significance could be even greater as many women have even more severe deficiencies of vitamin D.

January 2014 “Higher vitamin D levels associated with better cognition and mod in Parkinson’s disease patients,” found that higher vitamin D levels were associated with lower symptom severity, less depression, and better cognition with these relationships even stronger in those not demented. Read more here…

January 2014 “Effects of vitamin D on patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: A randomized placebo-controlled trial” showed marked reduction in pain for those supplemented with vitamin D. You can read the study here…


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