Diabetes Statistics, Gluten During Pregnancy, and Poor Intestinal Bacteria Microflora, Increases Your Children’s Risk of Type-1 Diabetes


The American Diabetes Association released data from the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2014 that shows:

  1. In 2012, 29.1 million Americans (9.3%) had diabetes (up from 25.8 million, 8.3% in 2010).
  2. Over 25% of those over 65 have diabetes.
  3. There are close to 2 million new cases each year.
  4. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death but is involved in about 1/3 of those who die and have diabetes.
  5. About 0.25% (208,000) youth under age 20 have diabetes.
  6.  In 2008-2009, yearly new Type-1 DM in youth was 18,436 and 5,089 with Type-2 DM. (You can read more here… )

Just published in the journal Diabetes August 2014, “A maternal gluten-free diet reduces inflammation and diabetes incidence in the offspring of NOD mice,” showed that early-life gluten-free diet dramatically reduced the incidence of diabetes. (You can read more here… )

The article, “The intestinal micro biome in type 1 diabetes,” in Clin. Exp. Immunol. July 2014, reviews the articles showing a link between micro biome and the pathogenesis of a variety of autoimmune disorders including Type-1 diabetes. (You can read more here… )

The article, “Is the origin of type 1 diabetes in the gut?,” mentions the known mechanism whereby insulin-producing beta-cells in the pancreas are destroyed by immune mechanism, typically auto-antibodies against the beta-cells. The article documents how changes in the intestinal bacteria (microbiota) and pathogenic gut organism affect the gut barrier affecting the immune system and a person actually produces antibodies against their own pancreas.  The pancreas and gut share the same immune system and they showed how early weaning to hydrolyzed casein formula decreased the risk of beta-cell autoimmunity by age 10.  Increased gut permeability has been associated with intestinal inflammation and has been observed in children with Type-1 diabetes.  This article proposes that we target the gut immune system to prevent Type-1 diabetes. (You can read more here… )


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