Anxiety and Addiction in Teens Related to Lack of Omega-3 in Diet and Diet of Parents

omega-3-fish-oilI am alarmed by the increased number of teenagers with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and addictions.  My theory so far was that this was primarily related to environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies along with added stresses of the modern world and media.  This study (you can read here… ) adds an important nutritional deficiency that can and should be addressed; Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are harder and harder to come by in the modern SAD (Standard American Diet).  The highest source is fatty fish, like salmon and fish in general, though unfortunately our fish are so polluted with heavy metals like mercury and pesticides that it’s hard to recommend a diet with a lot of fish.  Free-range eggs (depends on what the chickens eat) and animals have a higher Omega-3 content than the majority of chicken and beef in America that is grain fed and not allowed to graze on free-range land.

The interesting finding in this study is that the omega-3 diet of the parents affects the children.  Parents, we not only are what we eat but we are affecting the next generation by what we eat. Never before in the history of the world was it more important to eat organic and free-range than it is today. I would add to this that we all consider taking a high-quality purified fish oil, or other Omega-3 supplements.  Flax is one of the best vegetarian sources.  I also encourage you to view Dr Zelfands’ video (here) about flax.


Dr. Paul


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