Manganese- Too Much Associated with ADHD, Learning, and Behavior Problems

pineapple2Too much manganese has been found to cause problems with attention and memory.  This study (you can read it here… ) just published in Environmental Health Perspectives, looked at 375 children, comparing their manganese exposures from the water they drank to their issues with memory, attention, and motor function.

They found a significant decrease of 24% for memory, 25% for attention, and 11% for motor function in those with a standard deviation higher in manganese exposure. When exposures were above 100 micrograms/L for manganese the decline in performance increased the most.

If you have your water tested and find high levels of manganese, especially above 100 micrograms/L, it may be advisable not to drink that water. North America tends to have relatively low levels of manganese in the water, so this may be a bigger issue in parts of the world where manganese content of water is higher.


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    Hi Doctor,
    Thanks for sharing the findings of this study. The only point is that a one SD increase in manganese exposure was associated with 24% SD for memory, 25% SD for attention, and 11% SD for motor function. This corresponds to a decrease of about 10% in memory between the 10% most exposed and 10% less exposed children.

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