How to Reduce Toxin Exposures for Pregnancy and Your Family

toxicworldI have little doubt that the majority of our health challenges are related to excessive toxins in our bodies and, to a lesser extent, to nutrient deficiencies.  The toxins we are exposed to during our lifetime buildup in our bodies is something called body burden.  Many of us have measurable levels of DDT, a pesticide banned in the 1950’s.

Our largest exposures are from the food we eat and the water we drink.  Municipal water systems typically do not have charcoal filtration systems or reverse osmosis so while they have systems in place to remove or test for bacteria levels, they rarely provide purification that will remove antibiotics, herbicides, and pesticides.  If you are not buying organic and GMO-free, you are significantly increasing your exposures to pesticides and herbicides.

Another huge area of toxicity that you should be paying close attention to is that of endocrine disrupters.  The big bad ones are the flame retardants, PBDE’s, and plastics, the most notorious being BPA, but other soft plastics are starting to be discovered that are endocrine disrupters. The magnitude of this issue of endocrine disrupters has certainly reached our unborn children and may be a factor in all the neurological issues we are seeing in epidemic proportions; autism, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, learning issues, memory problems, and low testosterone issues that are now affecting many young men and even teenagers.

Pregnancy is a time when the uterus shunts nutrients AND toxins to the developing baby. The greater care in our diet while young, the lower the body burden of toxins that will be shunted to the baby when you are pregnant some day. During pregnancy, it is essential that you use extreme caution in what you eat, drink only filtered water, and do all you can to avoid the other neurotoxicants as outlined in these two resources from the University of San Francisco and from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

I provide for you two great links to articles that will guide you in your journey to safer food, water, home environment, work environment, etc.

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Dr. Paul

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