Smoking While Pregnant Doubles Risk of Your Child Being Bipolar

pregnantThe study below shows a two-fold (doubling) of the risk of your child being bipolar if you smoke while pregnant.  Other studies in the past have show that smoking while pregnant is associated with increased risks of your child having attention problems (ADD, ADHD) , oppositional defiant disorders(ODD), and conduct disorders (CD).

Do you suppose that quitting smoking while pregnant, or if you might get pregnant, might be important?  I’d say a very big yes to that!  Now dads, if you are smoking you must quit too.  Two big reasons: first the second hand smoke is just as dangerous, second it’s hypocritical to ask your woman to quit or not smoke while you do.

The study does not propose the mechanism by which smoking alters brain function and health.  The answer to that question is simple.  The book “While Science Sleeps” by Woodrow Monte (you can find it here… ) clearly shows how tobacco or any plant smoking increases methanol in the body which is converted to formaldehyde in the brain and many other places.  Formaldehyde is a known serious toxin and teratogen.

The even more serious source of formaldehyde is aspartame (yes those diet sodas, drinks, foods, and gum). If you are pregnant you should think of every 12 ounces of diet soda to be equivalent to smoking a pack or two of cigarettes.  It’s just poison to your unborn child and to your own health.

You can read this study here…


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