When to Give the MMR? Increased Seizures if Delayed Past 15 Months

third birthdayI sure wish they would study the long term benefits of delaying the MMR past 15 months.  I suspect they would discover a huge decrease in autism and ASD and other childhood disorders that affect the brain. There are enough parents in this country choosing to delay the MMR, or skip it, that this data could be looked at, but that would require funding and vaccine companies fund research that will result in their favor. They will obviously only fund research that supports giving more vaccines sooner.  What would you do if you were running a company and reporting to shareholders?

This study, “Timely Versus Delayed Early Childhood Vaccination and Seizures,” in Pediatrics (you can read it here… ), looked at over 300,000 children from 2004 to 2008. Have you ever wondered why they would choose certain date ranges?  Why not look at 1985-2012 for example? Would it perhaps change your results? I suspect one reason was that they also looked at seizures with the MMRV and compared rates to those who got the MMR, and the MMRV hasn’t been around that long.  The chance of having a seizure was doubled with the MMRV.  How many of you would like that one?  I don’t and won’t carry the MMRV, that clearly has problems, and they have to put 10 times the amount of varicella antigen in that vaccine to make it work.  

The conclusion of the study is that delaying the MMR past 15 months results in increased seizure risk. 

In my practice I have hundreds of patients who have chosen to do their first MMR at or after age 3.  We have not had one seizure.  I suspect some day one will occur, but that is certainly not enough reason to give the MMR by 15 months. At Integrative Pediatrics, we are experiencing a much lower rate of autism than the community and country at large. I am not saying that delaying the MMR is the reason for our better outcomes. Patients here do a lot of healthful things:

  • Don’t get the Hepatitis B series as newborns and infants if birth mom doesn’t have Hepatitis B
  • Take Vitamin D 1000 IU daily from birth on.
  • Delay introduction of gluten and highly processed grains.
  • Don’t give aluminum containing vaccines together. 
  • Breast feed as long as you can. 
  • Avoid herbicides (GMO) and pesticides – eat organic.


While delay of the MMR is controversial and needs to be studied, there certainly have not been any of the seizures reported in this study, in the hundreds of patients who have taken this vaccine at 3 years or later.


Dr. Paul




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