Genetic Link with DUF1220 and Severity of Autism

genetic variationWhen you read genetic link between this and that, what do you think?  Because of how we were taught genetics in school most of us think it is cause and effect.  My mom and dad’s blood type or eye color affects mine directly, right?  While this direct cause and effect is true for a few things, nearly everything you read these days is about associations.  Most are SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism’s), and in this study the association is with a whole area of protein.  

When researchers find associations, rather than thinking cause and effect, I encourage you to think as follows: “ If I have these increased risks, there must be some way that the increased toxins in the world, or nutritional deficiencies, cause this genetic characteristic to put me at high risk”.  You see, in the absence of toxins and in the presence of all the nutrients your cells need, virtually all the “genetic links” you will read about would have little significance or effects on you or your children. You can read more about the genetic link between the protein DUF1220 and the severity of autism symptoms here…

Never before has it been more important to:

  1. -eat organic, & GMO-free, 
  2. -drink filtered water, 
  3. -vaccinate carefully (no Tdap while pregnant & no Hep B for infants if mom Hep B negative)
  4. -take key nutrients as supplements if needed (we all need extra vitamin D and many need methyl-B12, methal-folate etc.)
  5. -reduce stress in your world, especially for pregnant moms 


We will be cataloging millions of SNP’s and other gene associations over the next century and beyond.  Don’s stress about all this.  Realize that our ancestors did just fine not knowing their genetics, by clean living.  We must do the same and use the genetic knowledge to encourage us to work harder than ever to avoid toxins and maximize nutrients. 

The US government, FDA, and CDC do little to protect us from toxins. In February 2013, JAMA published the article (you can read it here… ) showing a 100% reduction in autism for moms who took folate while pregnant, reducing the risk from 1/500 to 1/1000.  Ever wondered why this Norway study had autism rates of 1/500 to 1/1000 while ours in the USA is 1/50 to 1/100?  I suspect it is the environmental protection, lack of GMO, less toxins, and they don’t give newborns the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth or to infants unless they’re at high risk. I suspect the “genetics” such as the percentage of these 85,000 pregnancies that had SNP’s and protein regions such as outlined in this article are not that different between Norway and the USA. 

What is different is the environmental toxins, the nutrition and the lack of stress pregnant moms experience in contrast to the USA where mom’s are eating GMO foods, drinking polluted water, being now injected with a huge dose of aluminum while pregnant with the Tdap (that wasn’t happening at the time of this study so things will get worse for us). 

I encourage you, each time you read of a new genetic link, to think “TOXINS TOXINS TOXINS – I will avoid you, and NUTRIENTS – I will get mine checked, and maximize my cellular function”.  If you are an adult, consider coming to Natura ( and for children Integrative Pediatrics ( where we can assess your nutrient status and counsel you on nutrition and so much more. 

Dr. Paul




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