Should I get the flu shot while pregnant? Should my child get the flu shot? Does it matter which flu vaccine I get?


  1. Should I get the flu shot while pregnant?- Probably not.
  2. Should my child get the flu shot?- If they have asthma, chronic illness, or are going to have high exposures to the flu, yes.
  3. Does it matter which flu vaccine I get?- YES.  The multi dose vials still contain a large dose (25 micrograms) of mercury and should be avoided by all, especially pregnant women and young children.


The CDC ACIP advisory committee recommendations for the 2014-2015 flu season are presented here… This also contains a list of the flu vaccines and their mercury content.
If you listen to the messages coming from the vaccine manufacturers, the immunization advisory boards, and most of the major medical societies, you would assume that the flu shot is harmless and that the patriotic and educated thing to do would be to have every human on earth after age 6 months, get the flu vaccine. If this vaccine was treating a terminal illness, then even if it carried some risk, we would all agree that the benefits outweighed the risk. But in the case of vaccines, we are treating healthy people in hopes that they stay healthy. Is the flu shot absolutely risk free?  No vaccine or medical intervention is absolutely risk free.  Is the flu shot dangerous? Not usually, but there are certain risks and unknowns.  I present below a few studies and references to answer the above three questions in more detail. 


  1.  The CDC has been recommending that pregnant women get the flu shot since 2004. You can read that here… A recent BMJ journal article (May 2014) showed that pregnant moms with the highest amount of inflammation had a 43% increase in autism rate for that pregnancy. (Read more about that here… )  So the important question then is this: does the influenza vaccine cause increased inflammation when given during pregnancy?  If it does, then it is a potential trigger of autism.  Just published is the article showing significant increased inflammation in pregnancy from vaccination with authors stating “they have significantly increased NK- and T-cell responses to influenza virus compared with non pregnant women. Intriguingly, these differences were present prior to influenza vaccination and were further enhanced after vaccination.” You can read more here…  Another study showed marked increase in inflammatory markers when the flu vaccine was given to pregnant women (122%-728%).
    It would seem from these studies that giving the flu shot during pregnancy increased inflammation and increasing inflamation during pregnancy increases autism risk.  For my family, I would NOT get the flu shot while pregnant.  We simply must do all we can to keep the womb safe, free of toxins and free from external manipulation that may cause harm.  FIRST DO NO HARM.  Perhaps ask your doctor if they remember the statement “Primum non nocore” made by Hippocrates that all medical students learn and are supposed to abide by.
  2.  Children who are in day care and school certainly have a much greater exposure to influenza.  Each year the CDC and vaccine manufacturers pick the most likely severe strains and make a vaccine against those strains.  They use the threat of a pandemic (illness that infects and kills a large proportion of the population) such as the one that happened with the influenza in 1919, as the reason we need to keep most people immunized. Frankly, I suspect that due to improved sanitation and nutrition and our very active surveillance, we will not be surprised.  Just as the N1H1 strain scare resulted in a huge vaccine effort, we will have that again if such a strain emerges. Until then I leave this decision up to you the parents. The strains this year are the same as last, so it is not likely we will get protection from a surprise horrible flu by getting this years vaccine.  I choose to get the vaccine myself each year (I’m around a lot of children ill with the flu).  My own children get it some years and not others.  I let them choose (they are now adults). 
  3.  Do NOT get the flu shot from a multi dose vial as it has 25 micrograms of mercury, a known potent neurotoxin.  If you live in a country where that is your only option, I would only get that vaccine if we were in the middle of a horrible flu season by a very deadly strain of the flu.  For the time being that is not the case and I would take my chances with the flu.  You may make an exception if you have asthma, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease or other major medical challenges such that getting the flu could be deadly to you.  In that case get the shot, even with the 25 micrograms of mercury. Vaccine manufacturers, please plan to make enough single dose vaccine for the worlds need and lets get rid of mercury in vaccines once and for all.


Dr. Paul





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