Risk of Autism, ADHD, Epigenetics, Environment and Toxins and New Disease-Causal Mutation Analysis CADD (Combined Annotation-Dependent Depletion)

ADHDRecently published, “Trends in the Parent-Report of Health Care Provider Diagnosed and Medicated Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: United States, 2003 – 2011”, (you an read here… ) paints a disturbing picture of what is happening to our children.  I know this all too well as all five of my boys (3 biological and 2 adopted) suffer from severe cases of ADHD with other co-morbidities for some.  This poisoning of our children is robbing them of their futures.  Not one of these boys could even consider going into medicine. There just is not the sustained focus needed to learn. 

In my past group practice of 5 physicians, all but one of us had children challenged in these areas.  This tragedy of a growing percentage of poisoned children with brain disorders, ranges from mild ADD, ADHD, to ASD and autism, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, and any variation or label you want to use for a child who is struggling.

CDC US data and statistics for ADHD show rates are rising 3% a year from 1996 to 2006. When parents are questioned if their child has had a medical diagnosis of ADHD for ages 4-17, 11% (6.4 million children) have been diagnosed with ADHD in 2011 in the USA. Rates were 7.8% in 2003 and 9.5% in 2007. I know for a fact that these numbers are under-representing the situation as many parents are avoiding physicians, not wanting this “label”. This challenge to our children’s brains is nothing short of cataclysmic, disastrous, and a growing tragedy.

As we think about the increases in diseases or disorders that we see today, we must be clear about one thing: it is not a direct cause of our genes (that concept may apply to Down syndrome and less than 1% of medical conditions). It is rather the interaction of environmental stresses, toxins, nutrients, and lack of nutrients with our billions of SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that results in problems.  This is the world of epigenetics that has replaced the old “one gene-one protein-one disorder” way of thinking. Get your nutrients (especially in the womb) and avoid toxins (especially in the womb) and the prevalence of all these disorders that is skyrocketing can be reversed and halted.

Researchers have developed a new method for organizing and prioritizing genetic data called the combined-annotation-dependent depletion method (CADD), in an article, “A general framework for estimating the relative pathogenicity of human genetic variants”, which you can read here… This technique can look at the C-scores of over 8.6 billion single nucleotides and compare, for example, the 15 million genetic differences between humans and chimpanzees.  I know this seems technical, but I do feel this is a tool we will be hearing more about. 

Until we use the powerful scientific principles to identify and then remove from use each and every one of the chemicals in our environment that are contributing to these epigenetic changes, we will continue to see this tidal wave of ever increasing rates of brain disorders, ADHD, autism, anxiety, etc. 

As an individual parent, there are numerous things you can and should do. It is essential that you get educated.  Visit my blogs and videos for hundreds of articles and videos at: www.drpaulvideos.com

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