How to Increase Your Infants Vitamin D Level When Breast Feeding

sunshine2This study, “Maternal Vitamin D Supplementation to Improve the Vitamin D Status of Breast-fed Infants: A randomized Controlled Trial”, published in the Mayo Clinic proceeds to show that breast feeding moms can raise their infants Vitamin D status from 17-18 ng/dL (the average starting levels in all the babies at birth) to an average of 39 ng/dL.  Both groups (those that are taking 5,000 IU a day for a month and those taking 150,000 IU once) had similar outcomes for their babies. You can read the study here…


This study clarifies a few things:

1. All infants were born deficient in Vitamin D (This is why I recommend you take 5000 IU a day during pregnancy since we know vitamin D is important for your baby’s brain development.

2. If a breast feeding mom is not likely to remember to take vitamin D daily, you can give 150,000 IU (that is fifteen (15)  10,000 IU caps) once a month.

3. This demonstrates the importance of supplementing infants with 1000 IU daily even if mom’s Vitamin D level is adequate since very few of these infants achieved optimal vitamin D levels (50-80 ng/dL). 


Santa brought vitamin D and filled all 10 stockings in our home this past year.  Be a good “Santa” and get vitamin D for all your loved ones.  Since my youngest is 17 years old, Santa brought 5000 IU caps.  If you have infants, use 1000 IU daily, preschoolers should take 2000 IU daily, and teens and adults should take 4-5000 IU daily. 


To your health.


Dr. Paul


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