Pediatric Pee and Poop Problems Solved by Unique Physical Therapy Approaches

This information is presented as a service to our patients at Integrative Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon, but also may be helpful for all Portland area children and indeed children everywhere who are in need of special services for bowel and bladder issues. 

 For those that can use this service, I wish you well.

Dr. Paul


Bethany TherapeuticsAt TAI Bethany Physical Therapy, we are here to help you return your child to being able to do all fun and play activities, without their bladder or bowel limiting their involvement. We can help them to restore full nights of rest and give them the confidence to enjoy their next sleep over. We can help reduce back and pelvis pain associated with constipation. Your child no longer needs to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their bowel and bladder issues or allow them to control their life.  We understand the role that these conditions impart on family, your child, and you as a parent, and are here to help guide you through an individualized plan of care to help your child take control over their bladder and bowels. Our empathy and knowledge provide us with unique tools to give your child the most compassionate care and to encourage their progress along the way.

Treatment may include a musculoskeletal evaluation, a personalized accountability program with tracking chart, behavior influences on the bowel and bladder and personalized habit modifications, fun and relatable anatomy education about the bowel and bladder, hygiene education, education on fiber intake and diet implications, daytime and/or night time voiding progression, emphasis on patient responsibility and “being the boss” of your bladder and bowels, educational reading material with age appropriate books about the bladder and bowels to help your child understand their body and their condition.  We also utilize a rehabilitative ultrasound imaging machine that allows for a non-invasive look inside your child’s bladder through an external abdominal wand to allow us to determine the integrity of the pelvic floor muscles and the role they play in bowel and bladder conditions; we call this fun technique the “jelly belly.”

At each session, your child will be met in a comfortable and welcoming environment.  Our techniques are research based and we know how to make therapy fun!  We will supply you with the tools you need to set up a detailed home program for your child. 

 Conditions we treat include:

Enuresis, Vaginal reflux, Giggle incontinence, Neurogenic bladder, Encoporesis, Double voiding, Constipation, Stress/urge incontinence, Retention issues, Fecal urgency/incontinence, Irritable bowel syndrome, Low back pain ,Post-op tethered cord syndrome, Urinary urgency/frequency, Incomplete emptying


Did You Know?

Several research articles support that behavioral problems such as bowel and bladder issues in children are highly correlated to increased rates of behavioral issues and psychological problems. We understand that being able to address these issues early on is essential.

We would love the opportunity to work with your child on a variety of bowel and bladder issues including constipation, daytime or night time incontinence, bed wetting, and post-op tethered cord syndrome.  For more information, please visit our website at: to learn more about our program.  You can call to schedule an appointment by calling our clinic office at (503) 466-2254.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with your child.


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