Study Validates “bare-below-the-elbows” Policy Reduces Doctors Spreading Infections (Hawaii shirts finally validated!)

hawaiian-shirt-300x246Those who know me, are surprised when I am not in a Hawaiian shirt.  In medical school I got in trouble for not having a tie on and in fact was going to be failed and kicked out of medical school if I did not put on a tie during my medicine rotation. 

Numerous studies have shown that white coats, uniforms, and ties are often colonized with harmful pathogens (you can read more about that here… ). 

So to my medical school professor- 🙂

My basal metabolism is one temperature- HOT.  I could not be a surgeon as I would sweat in the operating room and drip on the field of surgery, not to mention being a bit claustrophobic and unable to wear masks. My freshman year in college I wore Hawaiian shirts at Kalamazoo College, running between buildings for months with snow on the ground. 

Of course hand washing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infections. If your physician is not doing that, please remind them. 


Dr. Paul


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