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  • Sarah

    So, if someone has MTHFR and therefore has difficulty getting rid of toxins in the vaccines, and they end up with autism (a theoretical idea I’m asking about here), can the autism symptoms be reversed at all by helping the patient detoxify? I’m guessing not, or you would have mentioned trying this and the successful results.

    Also, I read an article many years ago describing the situation you related, where children who were vaccinated then had GI difficulties. In this article, a woman who was a research scientist of some kind, had an autistic son who ended up with surgery, and after the surgery, her son “as he used to be” came back to her. He started speaking, etc.

    She researched carefully exactly what happened during the surgery and discovered that they had given him something. She got hold of that “thing” subsequently, because her son had declined over time back to his autistic state, and gave it to him. Her son returned to normal again. This “thing” was not normally available, and was not approved by the FDA for the use for which she was using it, and she had to go to great lengths to get it.

    Do you know the story I am referring to, and what that “thing” is? Because we are learning so much about the gut-brain connection these days, it seems worth looking into.

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