C-Section (cesaerian section) Deliveries Now 1/3 of US Births

surgeryWhat has happened to childbirth in America?  Isn’t this supposed to be a natural process?  When one of three births is by surgery (C-section) one must know that there are conflicts of interest and pressures on the doctors (did I hear fear of litigation?) that are driving this expensive and unnatural shift away from natures normal process of bringing babies into the world through vaginal deliveries. 

I am a pediatrician, and I don’t live in the world of obstetrics but I do know that they are one of the most sued specialties and most law suits occur when there is a less than perfect outcome at delivery. Most of these outcomes are unavoidable, as giving birth is by the very nature of it, difficult at times.  The new national data bank reporting laws make it even more difficult for physicians, as any report becomes a blemish on their record and must be explained each time that physician renews insurance contracts.  It becomes part of survival as a physician, to minimize your risks, and it would appear the increasing cesarean rates are likely a result of this culture doctors find themselves in.  

What can you do as a patient or mom to be? Consider having a discussion with your doctor about your desire to minimize the chance of C-section.  Consider using a certified nurse midwife as they have much lower rates of C-section. Do everything you can to be healthy yourself as complications increase with higher risk pregnancies.  

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