August is Vaccine awareness month!

vaccineAUGUST is VACCINE AWARENESS month.  What the companies that make vaccines want you to do is rush out and buy their products, regardless of your personal genetic risks that may make certain vaccines risky. I encourage you to start learning all you can about each vaccine BEFORE you have it injected into your child’s body, or your body if you are pregnant.

Which vaccines should I give my child?

When should I give each of the vaccines?

Is the current schedule for vaccines the best schedule for my child?

What are the pros and cons to giving each of the vaccines?

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Intelligent physicians/doctors around the world disagree on these topics, so of course it is controversial. This is why the vaccine schedule is different around the world. Beware of anyone telling you they have the truth, including myself.  What you need is information, then you can make an intelligent informed decision.  INFORMED CONSENT.

When you make decisions about vaccines consider a few things such as:

  • Is your area in the middle or beginning of a real epidemic of that disease?  (if there was an ebola vaccine and you were in east Africa, you would get the vaccine.  Australia is in the middle of a pertussis epidemic, so even though the vaccine is less than perfect, you would probably get this one on schedule).
  • Are you at risk at this time or will you be at risk later in your life?  Hepatitis B is transmitted by sex and IV drug use and blood products.  Newborns whose mothers do NOT have Hepatits B cannot give the disease to their newborns so that vaccine can wait for a few years for most newborns and spare them the huge dose of aluminum that is in that vaccine, during a time of rapid brain development. 
  • Is the benefit to society and others worth the risk to your child or family?  This is the most difficult question.  If we had accountability such that those children damaged by vaccines could get adequate compensation and those damaged were rare compared to the benefit, one might make a case for this reasoning.  The problem is that vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability (thank the Patriot act) and the extent of damage seems to far outweight the benefits in some cases.  The other challenge is the lack of long term studies on safety for almost all of the vaccines.  Without these and real randomized prospective long term studies, educated and intelligent doctors and parents are left to do the best we can with incomplete information.
  • Know your own personal family risks.  For example, those with the MTHFR homozygous C677T genetic glitch are certainly at higher risk to damage by toxins, and likely, from vaccines. By the way, you can get this testing done from spit at, then have your data run by Prometheus and GeneticGenie. I discuss this in an earlier blog that you can read here… There are other ways to get this testing done from most labs.
  • If you are pregnant, think long and hard before you inject toxins. It is very different to eat toxins while pregnant (not wise but safer) than injecting huge doses of aluminum, for example, with the Dtap. Evaluate the risks.  If we are having 4 infants under age 4 months a year die in the USA from pertussis, out of 4,000,000 babies then the risk of not getting the Dtap while pregnant is less than 1 in a million. What is the risk of injecting 170-330 micrograms of aluminum into a pregnant woman?

     Where are the studies on this?  There are no studies! NONE. I suspect that when the autism rate, ADHD, anxiety, learning issues, etc.,  jumps again, no one will look back on 2013-2014 when the decision was made by vaccine committees to inject that much aluminum into every pregnant mom in the USA.  It is insanity. Every mom in America who lets this happen becomes one of the families entering unknowingly into a huge experiment.  Were you advised of the toxin (aluminum)? Were you given informed consent?

I encourage you to study my blogs and videos on the various vaccines:

Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and just say “vaccines are dangerous”.  Most are very safe and very effective.  Timing is the key.  Individualized schedules now make sense in this complex and toxic world we live in.  


Dr. Paul


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